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Complete Outbound & Inbound Solution

The right call center software can help you generate more revenue by increasing the productivity of your team. Whether your sales floor is actively predictive dialing prospects or your customer service team is trained to handle a large volume of calls, our cloud-based system ensures they spend more time with live customers. Call Center Software

Outbound Predictive Dialing

Increase Agent Effectiveness & Efficiency Instantly

Our predictive dialer provides businesses with an outbound dialing solution capable of managing the largest sales floors. Unlimited dialing capacity and unlimited list sizes allow you to quickly dial through any amount of data. Call recordings are included and stay on the system for 30 days. Use dialing metrics and recordings to train agents, increasing their effectiveness on sales or customer service calls.

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Outbound Dialing

  • Increase dialing by 500% per agent.
  • Unlimited list & dialing capacity.
  • Call recordings & storage included.
  • Train agents using call metrics.

Browser Based with No Hardware

No software to download or expensive hardware to purchase, we are completely virtual. is 100% cloud based, so your campaigns and contacts are securely stored in the cloud.

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Integrates Seamlessly

We Integrate with most CRM’s on the market, call us for more information on integrating with your CRM.

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Real-Time Stats & Analytics

Our contact center solution keeps track of inbound & outbound calls in real time. Never miss another marketing call again with instant notifications about missed calls and short call times.

  • View answered calls vs unanswered.
  • Compare campaign & agent statistics.
  • Gain insight into individual agent stats.
  • View busy calls, and unanswered dials.
  • Live Calls Taken
  • Unanswered vs Answered
  • View Agent Stats
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