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Ensuring Agent Accountability with Live Monitoring and Reporting

May 17th, 2017

Do you ever question the productivity of your agents? Do a few seem to begin a call right as you’re walking by? How about their numbers: are they producing the results you expect from them?

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It takes additional work to patrol a large call center. When you have tens to hundreds of agents, it is difficult to keep an eye on each and every one individually. Usually you operate with teams of managers who supervise smaller groups to make sure every agent stays productive.

If you run a smaller call center with only a few on the phones, it’s easier to monitor them as a whole. However, are also busy and can’t always take time to walk the floor and babysit each agent throughout the day.

Stay focused on your own tasks and never leave your desk again! There is a better way to manage your call center agents now as software advances. Two features of the software which allow you to monitor your center’s overall performance include Live Agent Monitoring and Real Time Reporting.

Observe agents and track metrics on your computer or phone from your manager dashboard. Since the software is cloud based, there is no need to be in the office to observe agents. Whether you’re at home, on-the-go, or on vacation, as long as you have an Internet connection you can manage your agents remotely.

How do Live Agent Monitoring and Real Time Reporting work? By updating servers in real time, our software delivers up-to-date information about your agents and their calling statistics. Each feature aims to simplify and streamline day-to-day operations at your call center.

Live Agent Monitoring

Live Agent Monitoring gives you the ability to remotely ensure all agents stay productive. A section in your manager dashboard lists everything you need to know about each agent in a table. See which agents are signed into the system as well as their availability status (if they are on a call). A live timer notes the amount of time spent in their current status and refreshes every 5 seconds.

For example, if an agent has been on a call for 4 minutes and 32 seconds, the timer lists 4:32. If they have been in post-call and haven’t taken another call since, the Live Agent Monitoring dashboard lists their status as “Post-Call” with the duration they have been off the phone.

Additional information listed in the Live Agent Monitoring dashboard includes:

  • Number of sales
  • Number of calls made
  • Number of transfers
  • Last call disposition made

The most important feature of Live Agent Monitoring allows you to listen in on live agent calls. Whenever an agent is on the phone, click the monitoring icon to hear the call without either their nor the callee knowing. If you’re curious about the quality of an agent’s calls, you can monitor them as they converse with leads or customers in real time.

In addition to listening in, Live Agent Monitoring allows you to whisper to agents without the callee hearing you. This helps for training purposes when you need to remind an agent of what to say or correct what they already said.

You can also take over the call entirely with the barge in option. If an agent is losing the lead or customer, you can step in and attempt to remedy the situation. When an agent is new and calls start going sour, keep a close eye on them and use the barge in feature if necessary.

When agents know you can listen in at any moment, they are more likely to do well. Keep an eye on new hires and ensure top performance at all times with Live Agent Monitoring.

Real Time Reporting

Real Time Reporting keeps live calling statistics on hand at all times. Contained in a convenient dashboard, your Real Time Reports display both numerical and visual data making it quick and easy to determine the effectiveness of your current campaigns.

Key numerical calling statistics sit atop the dashboard, monitoring your:

  • Total calls
  • Live calls
  • Active channels
  • Active predictive dialer agents
  • Abandonment rate

In addition to the numerical stats, brightly-colored pie charts break down the results of:

  • Attempted dials
  • Connected dials
  • Live answers

Determine whether you’re on track to reach your daily goals and KPIs. While not directly monitoring agent performance, Real Time Reporting provides an overall view of your call center’s performance.

Using Live Agent Monitoring and Real Time Reporting Together

When you combine the use of Live Agent Monitoring and Real Time Reporting, you can rocket your center to the next level. When you use them in tandem you receive insights to your call center you may not have known before, all without leaving your desk.

If you notice a dip in usual call volume or talk time, you can head into the Live Agent Monitoring section to seek out the culprit or culprits. If your use of Live Agent Monitoring reveals an agent slacking off, you can assess the overall impact of their poor performance with Real Time Reporting. offers both Live Agent Monitoring and Real Time Reporting as a part of the Predictive Dialer software. No added costs, no hidden fees. Just dozens of data points aimed to help you manage your call center no matter where you are in the world.