July 13, 2022

5 Benefits of a Predictive Dialer for Small Businesses

Benefits of a Predictive Dialer for Small Businesses

Small business telemarketing campaigns are always challenging. Successful outbound dialing campaigns require your agents to contact leads with speed and efficiency. For small businesses, this task is more difficult due to limited staff and high overheads. As such, you need to streamline the dialing process for your agents by providing them with the best tools and dialing software available. A predictive dialer is an advanced tool that can help small businesses run profitable calling campaigns. If you are not yet using one, consider the following benefits they offer.

1. Reach More Contacts

By using a predictive dialer, your agents will be able to dial with greater speed than they can with other dialing options. Of course, the faster they can dial, the more contacts they will make each day. More contacts should lead to a higher conversion rate.

A predictive dialer only connects your agents to actual human call recipients, so they do not waste time with answering machines. Also, these dialers integrate analytics to allow managers to measure KPI metrics more efficiently, including contact rate, talk time, and calls per agent. The addition of a predictive dialer can make all aspects of your calling campaign more effective. 

2. Compliance with TCPA

Violating TCPA regulations can be costly, resulting in fines and a loss of your company’s reputation. The 1991 Telephone Consumer Protection Act established the Do Not Call registry and imposed other rules on the telemarketing industry in order to weed out illegitimate callers.  

A predictive dialer can help your small business stay compliant in several ways. For instance, it can prevent your agents from calling past local time standards. Also, these dialers can scrub your lead lists against the DNC registry to ensure your agents do not call anyone who has opted out of these calls. You’ll stay compliant and safeguard your company’s reputation at the same time. 

3. Better Integrations

Advanced software and hardware systems have greatly improved the outbound dialing campaigns of small businesses. Sometimes, these tools, including CRM systems, do not integrate well, forcing your agents to waste time on tasks such as looking up contact data.  

A predictive dialer lends itself to seamless integration with your other dialing tools. For instance, proper Integration between your dialer and CRM can allow contact information to display on screen as your agents place their calls. Your agents can then deliver a more confident and effective pitch to their leads, improving your chances for a successful calling campaign. 

4. Improved Customer Service/Lead Segmentation

Call recipients have little patience with agents who waste their time by pitching products or services they have no interest in. A successful campaign needs to target the right consumer groups to reach a high conversion rate. One way to accomplish this goal is through lead segmentation.

A predictive dialer can help you divide your lead lists according to age, geography, interests, marital status, etc. so that you are reaching out to groups who are likely to be interested in your small business’s offerings. Your agents can then concentrate their time contacting quality leads. These leads enjoy better customer service because your agents are prepared to answer their questions and deal with their concerns. 

5. Reduced Agent Idle Time

An idle agent is a drain on your company’s resources. Some dialers can leave your agents waiting for the next call to connect. Predictive dialing software monitors your agents’ call analytics. The dialer “knows”  when it’s time to queue up the next call, which is after the previous one finishes. The transition from one call to the next is seamless and keeps your agents doing what they do best – selling your products and services. They stay more productive because the time between calls is reduced. 

Prioritize Follow-ups

Follow-ups are essential in outbound dialing. One contact often will not complete your communication with a potential client. Your agents may need to call the lead again at a more convenient time or when a decision-maker will be available. Failure to follow up on these calls is a significant weakness in a calling campaign.

Once again, a predictive dialer can help. It can segment these calls and allow your agent to queue up follow-ups needed in the future. When your agent logs into their system, a list of these calls can pop up, making the recontact simple and impossible to forget. 

Final Thoughts

The competition for small businesses is intense. To stand out, your call center needs to use special tools to improve your outbound calling campaigns. One such tool is the predictive dialer. 

This dialer can streamline the contact process and allow your agents to be more efficient while providing a higher level of customer service. These advantages will allow your agents’ sales funnels to grow and improve your company’s bottom line.

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