October 27, 2021

5 Ways a Preview Dialer Can Improve Your Contact Center

5 Benefits of a Preview Dialer in Contact Centers

To be successful, an outbound contact center agent needs multiple tools, including good training, excellent call lists and advanced dialing software. The dialer is perhaps the most important tool for your agents, so you need to provide the right one for their needs.

You can choose from preview, power and predictive dialers, and each is suited to fit specific campaigns. For some companies, the preview dialer offers the most benefits for their sales goals. 

When Should You Use a Preview Dialer?

The preview dialer can especially benefit call centers that are conducting complex sales campaigns. Technologically, a preview dialer is considered one of the simpler dialing methods. This model may not dial as quickly or make as many calls as a predictive dialer. However, what it lacks in speed it makes up for with the ability to tailor your agent’s call to fit the customer’s profile.

When your employees use a preview dialer, they receive detailed information about the lead, prospect or customer before the system places the call. Your agent can then individualize their pitch to make it more appealing to the lead. In addition, the call doesn’t connect to the agent until the customer picks up.

This feature allows an agent to be prepared before speaking to the consumer. As a result, the pitch should be more effective and produce more sales.

This tool is especially helpful for industries or campaigns that rely on excellent customer service interactions. A better-informed agent is a more effective one. The preview dialer excels in the following areas: 

  • Remote work settings
  • B2B sales
  • Real estate
  • Luxury sales
  • Healthcare
  • Education

Potential customers in these industries do not respond well to generic pitches.

5 Handy Benefits of Preview Dialers

All dialer types give call agents certain benefits, but preview dialers provide a unique experience for agents and customers alike. They make calls feel more personal, which leads to a better dialogue between the parties. When used correctly, they offer significant benefits to your contact center. Some of these benefits include the following:

1. Fewer Dropped Calls

Dropped calls are a frustration for any contact center agent. Failing to connect not only wastes their time but can lower morale as well.

Because the preview dialer waits to connect until the agent is ready, you get fewer dropped calls from unhappy call recipients who resent answering a “dead” line. Decreasing dropped calls improves the attitude of your agents and improves sales in your contact center.

2. Customized Customer Experience

Preview dialers arm your contact call center agents with relevant information before they place the call. This advantage allows them to prepare their pitch before the call, and you know that a prepared agent is bound to be a more successful one.

If you have several campaigns running concurrently, your agents can also determine what product or service would best fit the customer before the call begins. In addition, this software can save the agent time, allowing them to contact and close more leads each workday.

3. Improved Conversion Rates

Preview dialers prove their worth by producing typically higher conversion rates. When an agent comes into a call with knowledge of the customer, they give off a sense of confidence, which reassures their potential customers. They are less wary if the agent has done their research and projects a professional, well-prepared air.

The preview dialer also allows agents to tailor their introductions from lead to lead. Their presentations sound more genuine and personal, which improves the customer’s experience. Your agents can treat them like the individuals that they are.

4. Reduced Agent Downtime

Unlike other dialers, a preview dialer only dials one customer at a time. This process means the agent has fewer dropped calls from frustrated consumers. No one enjoys unwanted calls, and this annoyance is magnified when a live agent is not on the line when a customer answers. In turn, an agent will only be connected to the call if a person answers their phone.

A preview dialer is more effective for all parties involved. Your agents lose less time, and your potential customers are less frustrated. The potential for successful sales increases.

5. Motivational Boost

In sales, attitude really is everything. A positive outlook is essential for a lucrative campaign. Even experienced agents can become disheartened by too many dropped calls or unhappy consumers. When your agents can do their job more effectively, their morale naturally improves.

Preview dialers can help change the attitude of your entire sales staff because they lead to better results. They also improve customer interactions, and that improvement reduces an agent’s stress as well. Polite customers and higher conversion rates motivate your agents and increase your company’s profitability.

Personalize Your Campaign With Preview Dialers

If you give your staff the best tools possible, their production level will rise. And your dialer software choice is vital to this process. A preview dialer is an invaluable tool for many calling campaigns. This software is especially effective for sales in healthcare, education, luxury goods and other industries that rely on personalized pitches.

When your agents have more consumer information, they can use their sales talents to tailor introductions and pitches to their audience instead of relying on the “one-pitch-fits-all” method. This level of individualization leads to higher conversion rates and more successful campaigns overall. If you are running a complex sales effort, consider using a preview dialer.

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