December 14, 2022

6 Tips To Achieving Excellent First Call Resolution Rates

6 Tips To Achieving Excellent First Call Resolution Rates

As a call center manager, monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) helps you analyze your contact center’s efficiency. While there are many KPIs worth tracking, first call resolution (FCR) is arguably one of the most significant KPI indicators worth paying attention to. But why?

This article will explore the importance of tracking first call resolution metrics and six tips to help you achieve excellent FCR rates. 

What Is First Call Resolution (FCR)?

First call resolution is a metric that tracks your ability to resolve customer interactions on the first call or contact. If a customer’s problem is fixed at the first point of contact, it eliminates the need for follow-up communications, saving time, money, and customer frustration.

Tracking first call resolution helps your call center determine cost efficiency and the effectiveness of the customer service provided by your call center agents. First call resolution is generally expressed as a rate, calculated by the formula below.

To calculate the first call resolution rate, take the total number of customer interactions resolved on the first contact divided by the total number of customers who had a unique interaction. Then, multiply the result by 100 to determine the percentage.

FCR Rate Formula = (Total Number of Customer Interactions Resolved on First Try/Total Number of Customers with Unique Interactions) x 100

6 Ways To Improve Your First Call Resolution

Your goal as a call center is to aim for the highest possible FCR rate. In general, a satisfactory FCR rate falls between 70% and 79%. Want to aim higher than just “adequate”? A “world-class” FCR rate is any FCR rate above 80%, according to SQM. However, it should be noted that less than 5% of contact centers achieve this world-class FCR metric.

Want to find out what it takes to improve your FCR rates? Check out these six tips to help your call center raise your FCR rate in no time.

1. Create a Knowledge Base

One way to help improve your first call resolution rate is to create a robust knowledge base for your contact center agents. Call center agents can quickly search the database to find resolutions to common customer issues when faced with a problem. The easy-access knowledge base enables them to quickly resolve customer inquiries on the first point of contact.

In addition to improving workflow for your contact agents, customers can utilize the same knowledge base to resolve their issues effectively. Customers who can effectively troubleshoot their concerns will not need to call the contact center, helping reduce the workload on your agents.

2. Emphasize Agent Training

Your call center agents’ experience and skill levels matter significantly to improving your first call resolution rates. Your agents should know your product or service thoroughly, along with the issues customers frequently experience. Extensive and detailed agent training can help your agents learn and practice the skills necessary to resolve customer concerns on the first point of contact. 

3. Employ Skill-Based Routing

A skill-based routing system automatically assigns incoming calls to agents with the specific skill sets needed to address customer concerns. Employing a skill-based routine system can help ensure complicated inquiries are directed toward more experienced agents. In turn, this can help improve your FCR rates.

4. Utilize IVRs Correctly

You can also improve your FCR rates by supporting your customer’s ability to help them troubleshoot their concerns themselves. Using an interactive voice response (IVR) system can benefit customers, allowing them to address their issues without needing an agent on the line.

IVR can also be used to route calls to appropriate personnel, eliminating the need to transfer customers. Not only does using IVR help you improve FCR rates, but it also helps enhance the customer experience.

5. Provide Call Coaching for Newer Agents

Inexperienced call center agents might be keeping your FCR rates down. To help support newer agents, consider offering call coaching to teach agents how to handle customer requests better. Call coaching or call whispering tools can give agents real-time training to help them learn how to resolve customer issues more efficiently. 

6. Review Customer Interactions

Closely monitoring your customer interactions can also help you improve FCR rates. Paying attention to how your agents interact with customers can help you see where improvement may be needed. You may find common issues and concerns that come up for many customers. In turn, you can use this insight to create policies and a knowledge base resource for your agents to use.

Why First Call Resolution Matters

Providing extensive agent training and using the right tools can help your contact center stand out. Use these six tips to help your contact center improve FCR rates. As your FCR rate improves, you’ll find that your contact center benefits from greater customer retention and improved brand recognition.

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