May 29, 2024

Benefits of Answering Machine Detection With Predictive Dialing

Benefits of Answering Machine Detection With Predictive Dialing

Leaving a voicemail is often a waste of time for sales agents—who would rather connect with leads over the phone and move them through their sales funnels.

When used with a predictive dialer, Answering Machine Detection (AMD) might solve this issue. It determines whether a human being or an answering machine picks up a call from your team members. By filtering out voicemails, agents can spend more time on calls answered by humans, improving productivity in your contact center.

Learn more about AMD, how it works, its benefits, and best practices below.

What Is Answering Machine Detection (AMD)?

AMD is a voice API feature that analyzes the first few seconds of a phone call to identify who or what answers it—a human or a machine. It does this by determining audio patterns, voicemail tones, silences, and other sounds.

This technology isn’t always accurate. Correctly determining whether a human or machine answers calls depends on factors like the voicemail system, the telephony carrier, geographic location, and local infrastructure. AMD can also increase connection time in your contact center because it takes a few seconds to analyze audio patterns. That said, AMD might provide your organization with several benefits, which you’ll learn about later.

How Does AMD Work?

Answering Machine Detection relies on a predictive dialer. This technology places calls automatically from your lead list, reducing the time agents spend dialing contacts.

When a dialer rings a number and establishes a live connection, AMD tries to distinguish between human speech and other sounds. If a machine answers, AMD disconnects the call, and the dialer connects to the next potential customer on your list.

How well this process works depends on the Answering Machine Detection algorithm. Standard algorithms analyze voicemail tones to detect whether a human or machine answers calls. More advanced algorithms often differentiate between voicemail greetings, human speech, and silences.

Benefits of Answering Machine Detection

Utilizing AMD in your contact center can help streamline calls for your agents. Filtering out calls that go straight to voicemail means your agents can spend more time on quality calls with live leads. AMD provides the following advantages:

Agents spend more time interacting with leads

By quickly disconnecting calls that go to voicemail, AMD increases the amount of time agents spend talking with potential customers. As a result, you can increase sales from outbound telemarketing and improve your bottom line.

Optimize costs

When agents spend more time engaging customers over the phone, you can maximize labor costs in your call center. AMD removes voicemail interactions from your call flows, making your agents more productive.

Generate insights about leads

AMD provides intelligence about your call flows, helping you improve contact center operations. For example, this technology tells you the percentage of calls that go straight to voicemail compared to calls that connect to potential customers.

AMD Best Practices

Answering machine detection can result in some issues, however. To make AMD even more effective, follow these best practices in your call center:

Customize AMD

Fine-tuning your AMD system can help you meet your call center’s goals. For example, you can customize parameters like machine detection speech threshold and machine detection timeout based on the type of leads you want to nurture.

Train your agents

Agents should know how AMD works and what to expect when using this technology. For instance, training team members can help them identify when AMD algorithms produce false positives or negatives.

Comply with regulations

Different jurisdictions have different laws regarding AMD and outbound calling in general. In the UK, communications regulator Ofcom can fine companies that generate “silent calls,” which can happen when AMD incorrectly identifies a machine answering a call and then disconnects that call. Complying with regulations in the regions in which you operate will prevent you from getting in hot water.

Test AMD regularly

Testing and then optimizing your AMD system will make this technology more effective. With regular testing, you can reduce false positives, generate more accurate insights, and ensure compliance with regional regulations.

Invest in the right technology

Not all AMD systems are created equal. Choose one that offers superior detection accuracy, helping you enhance your outbound calling campaigns. Also, invest in a system that doesn’t require extensive user training.

CallTools Answering Machine Detection

CallTools knows agent time is precious, so we’ve included AMD to our dialing platform to optimize call operations and outreach efforts. Our technology uses advanced algorithms to differentiate answering machines from live human responses within a few seconds of a call connection, helping you improve productivity in your contact center and reduce wasted time.

What You Need to Know About AMD

Telemarketers hate reaching voicemail because they can’t properly engage with leads and move them through their sales funnels. When used with a predictive dialer, AMD solves this problem by differentiating between answering machines and humans, allowing agents to spend more time with potential customers. This technology can also optimize labor costs and generate insights about leads.

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