April 5, 2023

Best Dialer Types for Financial Service Call Centers

Best Dialer Types for Financial Service Call Centers

Financial service call centers are responsible for both inbound and outbound calls that deal with sensitive information. Often, these financial calls are time-sensitive as well. As such, financial service call centers must employ the right tools to allow their agents to reach clients most effectively.

A predictive or preview dialer service can help improve efficiency for specific financial call centers. Here’s how.

What is a Financial Service Call Center?

A financial service call center is a call center in the financial industry that handles calls for large institutions or smaller entities. Due to the nature of financial-related calls, security, accessibility, and convenience are often the most critical factors in operating an effective financial service contact center. Some examples of these types of call centers include:

  • Banks
  • Brokers
  • Credit Unions
  • Wealth Management
  • Other Financial Services

Depending on the specific nature of the financial service call center, agents may be responsible for addressing issues, updating accounts, and answering questions both through inbound and outbound calls. For this reason, using effective call center software such as Call Tools can provide both the predictive dialer and preview dialer benefits, depending on the specific use.

Predictive Dialer Benefits for Financial Call Centers

Financial service call centers often need to contact their customers quickly, depending on the type of campaign. Using a predictive dialer solution, financial call center agents can utilize technology to place calls at specific times and get a hold of a large group of individuals quickly. Further, using predictive dialers can help enhance agent efficiency and improve customer service.


A predictive dialer can help financial call centers acquire new customers from leads. Without the need for manual logging, agents can quickly move on to the next outbound call. Using a predictive dialer helps eliminate the guesswork, connecting agents to prospects most likely to become actual leads.

Risk Management

Using a predictive dialer can be beneficial for informing customers of data breaches, sensitive information, and other time-sensitive updates. Using a predictive dialer to call as many people as possible saves agents the time wasted on unanswered phone calls.


A predictive dialer can also benefit financial call centers looking to increase sales. For example, call centers looking to do outreach for new promotions, product upgrades, or special offers for existing customers can use a predictive dialer to help enhance efficiency. In turn, improved efficiency can mean more converted leads.

Preview Dialer Benefits for Financial Call Centers

Preview dialers can also offer various unique benefits for certain types of campaigns. Although a preview dialer may be slower than a predictive dialer, it can help save your agents time on calls that require an enhanced customer service experience.


Financial call centers responsible for contacting customers engaging in trading, investing, and brokerage services can benefit from having conversation histories at hand. By utilizing a preview dialer, these agents can have the information they need at their fingertips.


Calls about refinancing loans, mortgages, or follow-up loan calls can also benefit from preview dialers. Having the customer’s information on screen throughout the call is especially helpful for calls of this nature.

Wealth Management/CPA

Wealth management firms often take a catered approach to customers. Each investment is different, and thus, each customer’s needs are different. A preview dialer can allow agents to provide a more personalized call for these types of wealth management calls.

Importance of Customer Experience for Financial Services

Having a customer-first approach is critical when providing any financial service. Most consumers worry about how their money is managed, security, and the future of their investments. As such, a financial service call center must utilize the latest and most advanced technology to ensure the customer’s experience is streamlined and simplified.

Staying competitive as a financial call center means effectively utilizing updated technology to enhance the customer experience. A recent 2020 Achieving Customer Amazement Study found that 96% will leave your company for bad customer service. Financial call centers can take a variety of approaches to help improve the customer experience, such as utilizing call center software effectively.

One way to enhance the customer experience is by adopting different dialing strategies depending on the campaign and demographic of your customers. This helps provide a personalized experience for your callers, targeted to their specific needs.

Improving Financial Services Call Centers

With the help of the World’s Best Call Center software, your financial call center can yield better engagements and help save agents time and hassle. Whether your financial center handles risk management or investments, there’s a use for predictive and preview dialer software in every type of financial call center.

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