May 17, 2023

Best Tools and Practices for a Healthcare Call Center

Best Tools and Practices for a Healthcare Call Center

Managing a successful healthcare contact center is essential to providing an optimal patient experience. If you own or manage a healthcare call center, you need to use the right tools and strategies to help your call center achieve success in the healthcare industry.

Consider the vital healthcare call center features and best practices listed below to help your call center run smoothly and efficiently. 

Healthcare Call Center Features

Selecting the right software solutions will prop your agents up for success and improve your patient experience.


Using AI technology, call centers can automate repetitive tasks, helping to improve workflow and lessen the agents workloads. Artificial Intelligence can be used for omnichannel routing, quality assurance, and more.

Omnichannel Solutions

Omnichannel solutions allow your healthcare call center to combine all patient communication methods into one easy platform. This means that voice calls, video, text messages, live chat, and other forms of communication are all combined into one intuitive platform.


Instead of investing in equipment and hardware, healthcare contact centers can store data in the cloud. You’ll never need to worry about losing your data in the event of a physical disaster.

CRM Integration

Your healthcare contact center software can integrate with your existing CRM solution, such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics, helping to streamline your processes. Combining your CRM software with call center technology allows for detailed patient tracking from start to finish.

Intelligent Routing

An intelligent routing system uses advanced technology to route calls appropriately to qualified and available call center agents.

Selecting the Right Dialer

Your dialer type may vary depending on your patient base and your campaigns.

Predicative Dialers

Predicative dialers offer agents the ability to conduct a high volume of calls and do not pass along calls to agents until the call has been connected. This type of dialing system offers live call monitoring and helps enhance agent efficiency. In addition, a predictive dialing system can help save agents time by keeping track of unanswered phone calls that require follow-ups. Call centers looking to place many calls find that predictive dialers work best for their needs.

Preview Dialers

A preview dialer provides agents with detailed information about each caller before placing a call. For contact centers in the healthcare industry, this is especially helpful when placing outbound calls with personal medical information updates, such as prescriptions or test results. Preview dialers are effective at helping enhance customer satisfaction. 

Given the private nature of healthcare calls, a preview dialer helps ensure agents are properly informed when relaying medical information to patients. Agents must strictly follow HIPAA telephone laws when speaking to customers about private information.

Healthcare Call Center Management

Managing your healthcare call center can also allow your patients to benefit from an enhanced customer experience. 

Identify Goals

Every call center should begin by identifying project goals that outline the practice’s vision. When considering goals, it is also important to review the challenges and barriers that could stand in the way of achieving these goals. With this in mind, it’s easier for your call center to seek ways to overcome potential obstacles.

Seamless Onboarding

The onboarding of new call center agents is of utmost importance. Healthcare call centers must properly train agents on the correct protocols and key information necessary to provide exceptional customer service. Furthermore, call center agents must have a database that houses the necessary information to assist callers successfully.

Cater to Patient Experience

As industry technology and best practices change, healthcare call centers must continue to focus on the patient experience. When making changes to scripts, practices, etc., consider how a patient will perceive changes and brainstorm ways to improve the customer experience.

Assess Staffing Skills

Healthcare call centers receive many inbound calls, but this does not mean every agent can handle all required tasks. Instead, call centers can organize staff into teams or pods based on experience. This helps provide an improved experience for both call center agents and callers.

Quality Assurance is Key

Many call centers choose to record calls, which allows managers and agents to review each call for quality assurance. Quality assurance is a key component to the continual improvement of your call center, allowing you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each agent.

Monitor KPI Analytics

Call center managers can track the number of key performance indicators (KPI), such as abandonment rates and call volume. However, collecting this information is only half the battle. Managers and top-level employees should share this data with agents, as well as provide training opportunities to help agents improve.

Improving Your Healthcare Contact Center

With the advanced features and technology available in modern software solutions like Call Tools, improving healthcare contact centers is easy. For optimal success, contact centers must take advantage of features like intelligent routing and AI automated processes to help improve operations. Furthermore, implementing best practices in call center management can help set your agents up for success while improving the customer experience.

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