April 19, 2023

Choosing Between a Predictive Dialer or Preview Dialer

Choosing Between a Predictive Dialer or Preview Dialer

Predictive dialers and preview dialers have unique features that can meet your campaign’s needs. Which one should you choose for your next outbound dialing campaign? The answer depends on what you want to achieve. Make the right decision by learning more about the benefits of predictive dialers and preview dialers and which option companies in your industry usually choose.

Benefits of Predictive Dialers

Predictive dialers move quickly to reduce the amount of time call agents spend interacting with individual leads. They reach this goal by using an algorithm to “predict” how long the average call takes. The software can then place several calls at once and connect an available agent when someone answers. This strategy reduces idle time and helps agents talk to more leads during their shifts.

Industries That Use Predictive Dialers

Predictive dialers usually appeal to businesses that want to maximize contact rates. If you want your agents to connect with as many people as possible, it might make sense to choose predictive dialers. Some industries that benefit from predictive dialing software include the following.

Debt Collection

No one wants to get a call from a debt collection agency. When consumers see a debt collection agency on their caller ID screens, many of them will ignore the call. Call center agents benefit from predictive dialers by reaching out to as many people as possible. A small percentage might answer, so they need to place a large number of calls to reach their goals. Predictive dialers do this very well.


Insurance companies use high-volume call campaigns to find new customers. They often combine pruned lead lists with predictive dialers so they can focus on dialing as many quality leads as possible. For example, an insurance company might use a lead list of people who have visited its website. It can then add those people to its predictive dialers to place calls quickly.


Political campaigns need to educate constituents and encourage them to vote. That can mean communicating with thousands or millions of people. While more than 158 million people voted in the 2020 presidential election, ideally, presidential campaigns would have reached an even larger number of people.

Predictive dialers help political campaigns contact more people so they can improve a candidate’s visibility and increase voter turnout.


Predictive dialers can work well for telemarketers that use generic pitches to convert leads into buyers. If you want to give a lot of people the same pitch, predictive dialers can position your team for success.


Although many people use online tools to make travel plans, travel agencies still play an important role in the industry. As recently as 2019, the U.S. travel agency sector was worth about $61.83 billion. That amount fell during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the industry already shows signs of recovery.

Travel agencies often use short-term travel and accommodation deals to attract new customers. These deals don’t last long, so agencies should consider using predictive dialers to reach more people within a short time frame.

Benefits of Preview Dialers

The best preview dialers integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, giving them access to important information about leads. Preview dialers can display this information to agents while they place calls. A well-trained agent can use each lead’s details to make their pitches more attractive.

Industries That Use Preview Dialers

The time it takes agents to review CRM information means you get a slower engagement rate from preview dialers. That might not matter, though, when you target high-value leads. If each conversion generates a significant amount of money, it might make sense to focus on building relationships instead of placing a lot of calls.

B2B Sales

B2B sales often have long cycles that build toward converting potential clients. Preview dialers help call agents push leads through the sales cycle by giving them information about previous interactions. Agents don’t go into the conversation blind. Instead, they pick up where the earlier contacts ended.

Securing a B2B client can generate significant revenue, so sales professionals can take time establishing trust, building relationships, and adjusting their product offerings to meet each lead’s unique needs.

Financial Services

Financial institutions often target existing customers and clients to offer additional services, such as credit cards and loans. The company already has data about customers. Using a preview dialer arms call agents with information that leads to improved customer services and higher conversions.


The healthcare industry needs to connect with patients to give them test results, schedule follow-up visits, update prescriptions, and complete other essential tasks. Call agents need to know that information to avoid confusion. They also need to follow HIPAA and similar regulations.

Preview dialers help ensure that call agents do their jobs accurately to improve healthcare outcomes and comply with regulations.

Real Estate

Real estate deals usually involve multiple interactions as the involved parties explore their options and move toward a mutually beneficial deal. Therefore, real estate agents managing outbound campaigns need detailed information about previous conversations with each client. Preview dialers fill that role to position agents for successful discussions that lead to more sales.


Educational institutions rarely use cold calling during call campaigns. Instead, they connect with new, current, or former students. Preview dialers prepare call agents for conversations. For example, a preview dialer can show that an alumnus made a donation last year. The call agent could use this to encourage further donations.

Find a Dialer That Works for Your Campaign

Choosing the right dialer can influence the success of your outbound dialing campaigns. Not sure whether you should choose a predictive dialer or a preview dialer? Get a personalized demo that will help you make an informed decision.

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