May 11, 2016

Companies Are Scaling Quicker With the Help of Softphones

There are millions of softphone users, and it is no wonder why. This is the modern way for your business to stay in touch with your customers, your prospects, and with each other.

Landlines are antiquated. They were built when offices were brick-and-mortar buildings and employees donned a suit and tie in order to sit at a desk every day. This is no longer the way modern businesses operate. Even if you still have a traditional office environment, there’s a good chance that you have employees or contractors located offsite. Even your employees who tend come into work frequently may be given flexible schedules one or two days a week.

This makes it important for there to be a new form of communication, one that allows your customers, your employees, and your entire team to stay in touch regardless of where they are in the world. Softphones provide this solution, and they do so in a way that is more affordable than traditional landlines. This makes them the ideal go-to solution for any business either starting up or looking to scale.

What is a Softphone?

A softphone is a program that allows you to make calls over an internet connection. You can use it from your mobile phone by simply downloading an app or on a computer through free software. Your employees can also use their softphone from any computer or laptop, as long as they have a headset.

4 Ways Softphones Help Scale A Business

#1 – Softphones are cheaper than traditional landline phones.

Unless you happen to be Bill Gates, there’s a chance that you’re concerned about your company’s budget. Even if you have a great deal of capital allocated toward expansion, it is unwise to waste it on outdated phone systems that cost far more than they should.

This is why so many businesses are switching to cell phones. You can scale quickly and save money at the same time by using this new system. Most of your employees are likely to already have a computer, by eliminating the need to also buy them expensive office phones, you can save hundreds of dollars per employee.

#2 – You can connect employees and branches throughout the country.

If you have employees located across the country or you allow some of your employees to work remotely, you need a phone system that does not require everyone to be in the same location.

With softphones, you can connect your employees regardless of where they are located. This makes it easy for employees in Atlanta to stay connected to ones in Seattle or New York. From your customer’s perspective, they will feel like they’re calling your corporate office regardless of where the phone is actually ringing on your end. This helps with maintaining continuity and your corporate image. It also allows your human resource department to recruit new employees from anywhere in the country.

#3 – Your outbound sales team can stay connected and efficient.

If you have a team of road warriors, it’s important for customers to reach them no matter where they happen to be that day. This is difficult to do if your sales team is never at the office. A softphone makes it possible for them to give customers one phone number that can reach them whether they are in the office that day or happen to have just landed in Phoenix. As a business, this gives you far more control over what’s happening between your sales team and your customers or prospects. As an added benefit, when using a softphone, you can monitor what calls are coming in on a daily basis with call tracking.

#4 – You never have to check voicemail again with recordings in your email.

If you hate checking voicemail or feel like your team never does, you can make it easier on everyone by switching to a softphone. Instead of having to log in and listen to voicemails, the voicemails can actually show up in your email. As an added benefit, any voicemails going to your standard receptionist line can simply be emailed to the person they are supposed to reach. Simultaneously, if one of your team members has a question based on a voicemail, they can also email a supervisor or someone who would be better equipped to answer it. This way, nothing is lost in translation.

Softphones Work with CallTools Call Center Software

Hosted PBX

Softphones can be used with our hosted PBX system, acting as an inbound call center. Instead of only being able to transfer inbound calls to people sitting inside your physical office, you can now transfer calls to anyone connected to your system, whether they are using our hosted PBX on their mobile device or are sitting at a computer somewhere.

From your customer’s perspective, they are simply calling your 800 or local number like they always have been. The difference is all internal.

Predictive Dialer

Softphones work extremely well with our outbound predictive dialing system because our predictive dialer can make an incredible number of calls, transferring live calls to agents on the other end.

With softphones, anyone with a computer hooked up to the internet can become a sales rep. At the beginning of the day or at the beginning of a particular shift, you simply let the software know how many agents you have available to receive calls. They will log into our system using softphones, and calls are routed to them if they are free.

Our predictive dialer is an incredible tool that allows you to reach more customers and prospects in a shorter period of time. With the use of softphones, you can do so without needing to make capital investments into additional phone equipment.

Softphones Can Help Your Business Grow

Businesses grow through sales, and while softphones may appear to be on the operational side, anything that can make it easier for your employees to do their jobs and stay connected also makes it easier for them to connect with prospective customers.

By streamlining your operation, you make it easier for your sales team to do their job. Using software-based phones with our dialing software, you also make it possible to increase acquisitions from leads. They are truly the affordable, convenient, and high-tech solution for all your business telephone needs.

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