July 22, 2020

Display Your Branded Enhanced Caller ID to Increase Answer Rates

Enhanced Caller ID Improves Answer Rates

Caller ID has become more than a way for people to see who’s calling them. You can also use it to make a great first impression for your business. Enhanced caller ID services open even more possibilities by branding your outbound calls. By integrating an enhanced caller ID feature into your dialing software, you can improve your business’s outbound dialing performance while building brand recognition and gaining from consumers.

Benefits of Enhanced Caller ID

Businesses get at least four crucial benefits from enhanced caller ID. The features that you get from enhanced caller ID vary depending on the service you choose. Make sure you learn about your options so you can pick a service that tells consumers who you are, so they’re more likely to answer your calls.

Business ID

Some of the most successful enhanced caller ID services will display your company’s logo as well as your phone number and name. When people see the logo of a brand they know, they’re more likely to answer. After all, people have become very aware of annoying robocalls and spoofed phone numbers. A logo says that the call is legitimate, and they can feel comfortable answering.

Some data show that displaying your business’s logo with enhanced caller ID makes consumers 70% more likely to answer. Additionally, 80% of people say that they find it helpful when their smartphones display the business names and logos of incoming calls.

Imagine how much more effective your call center will become when your answer rate grows by 70%! Suddenly, you improve communication between your company and customers. You boost customer services and expand your sales opportunities.

Branding by Department

With the right service provider, your enhanced caller ID can let you segment your outbound numbers by department. You don’t have to use the same name and image for every call. You can show consumers that the call comes from your sales, support, or collection department.

You get at least two benefits from branding by department. First, splitting your caller ID branding by department further increases your answer rates. When someone sees that a call is coming from your customer service department, they answer because they want information that helps them use your products and services more effectively. When they see a call coming from your collections department, they answer because they worry that they forgot to pay their bill.

The second benefit focuses on learning more about the departments in your business. When you split your caller ID branding by department, you get more information that helps you identify successful and unsuccessful teams. You can use the data to decide why some groups have higher success rates than others. Maybe you need to invest some training in your sales department to make its numbers more competitive and bring in more revenue.

Increase Answer Rates

Every call center pays close attention to its answer rates. When consumers don’t answer, you never get a chance to communicate with them. Anything that can increase answer rates is worth exploring! Plus, unanswered calls waste your employees’ time. That means you spend money paying people even though they aren’t getting the results you need.

As your answer rates increase, you can also gather more information that helps optimize your call center’s strategies. More data means that you can learn more about things like:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • First-call resolution
  • Service levels
  • Call availability
  • Contact quality
  • Abandon rates
  • Average handling rates

Your answer rate isn’t just about connecting with consumers. A higher answer rate supplies the data you need to improve all areas of your call center.

Instill Brand Trust

Brand trust obviously matters to companies. When customers trust your brand, they tend to choose your products and services over those offered by your competitors.

Brand trust has actually become much more critical in recent years. Today, consumers want to buy from companies that align with their ethics. Nearly 70% of consumers say they prefer brands that support their social concerns. If consumers believe you don’t care about things like your workers, the environment, or social justice, they will gladly give their money to someone else.

About 60% of consumers say that companies can earn their trust by making reliable products. The majority of consumers don’t want to take chances buying products from companies they don’t know. They certainly don’t want to waste money on companies that they distrust. Instilling brand trust, therefore, means that you can create a group of committed customers who keep buying from your business.

What does this have to do with branded enhanced caller ID? Putting your name and logo out there shows that you want to make it easier for consumers to identify your company.

Branded enhanced caller ID also makes it easier to reach your current customers. It costs more money to convert a new customer than it does to continue selling to existing customers. By encouraging brand trust and showing people that you’re calling, you lower your business costs and open new doors for revenue.


Call centers have a lot of tools that they can use to improve communication with existing and potential customers. Branded enhanced caller ID stands out as one of the most effective tools because it helps identify your business, enhance branding by department, increase answer rates, and deepen brand trust.

You can get the job done without branded enhanced caller ID, but you will never know much it will improve your KPIs until you try the technology.

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