March 6, 2019

Proper Call Center Tools That Provide A Foundation For Agents

It helps to have the right tools for any job. A plumber is nothing without a good pipe wrench. So what exactly do you need to provide to your call center? The more comfortable you make your employees, the happier and more productive they will be. Does your call center have the right tools for the job?

5 Things Every Call Center Needs

1) Comfortable Ergonomic Chairs

Call center employees spend most of their working hours in their desk chair. It is necessary for you to provide them with comfortable and ergonomic chairs. Of course, doctors and chiropractors agree.

According to advice from Dr. Scott Bautch, a Wisconsin-based chiropractor:

A good office chair is going to help you maintain a neutral posture. That means sitting with your feet flat on the floor; your knees slightly higher than your hips; and your hips, shoulders, and ears all lined up with each other. And since that position will be slightly different for each person, the best way to find that neutral posture is with an adjustable chair.

2) The Right Keyboard and Mouse

Two integral components for any computer employee are the keyboard and mouse. Just like office chairs, choices for keyboards and mice come in ergonomic styles and a variety of features. The good ones cause less stress on hands and arms, resulting in a more comfortable experience for your employees.

According to Business News Daily, other features to look for include wireless options and adjustable keyboards. Some mice even come with weights for the correct feel and mousepads that charge wireless batteries.

3) Powerful Call Center Software

A call center’s success depends significantly on the features and functions in the software available to its employees. Full-featured call center software is crucial for staying connected on all fronts.

High-powered inbound call center software includes tools such as:

  • Call logs
  • Real-time reporting
  • Live agent monitoring
  • Call recordings

All are valuable to help with customer service and sales. Additionally, some features provide your employees with an atmosphere of structure, accountability, and professionalism. The tools available include:

  • Increased answer rates
  • Reduced agent downtime
  • Three dialing modes
  • Screen pops
  • Built-in CRM
  • and more

While call center software helps the business, it keeps employees confident in their job. It’s a combination that benefits everyone.

4) Superior Headsets

When you think about it, the right headset is one of the most important tools you can provide your call center. Otherwise, employees may find themselves struggling to make their headsets work, getting frustrated, and having less clear communications.

Both wired and wireless headsets are available, and the one you choose will depend on your needs.

Look for brands with a history of superior quality, like Plantronics or Jabra. Keep in mind that your initial investment may be higher than an off-brand, but quality and longevity make up the cost.

5) A Productive Atmosphere

Sometimes the tools you need are not tangible items but rather the right atmosphere. Employees need to feel comfortable and happy – and their work reflects it.

For example, you might be surprised by how much changing the office aesthetic creates more sales or better customer service.

According to Forbes:

By having workplaces that are beautiful and interesting, employees become more productive. Dingy lighting, isolating cubicles and colorless offices all work together to create an environment that is uninspiring and off-putting. Investing in the ambiance of your office will change the overall mood.

Keeping Call Center Agents Productive

These examples are just the major tools for your call center. They are a good start in making a happier, more successful environment for staff. You don’t need much to start up a small outbound call center operation. Now, you’ve got some information on the tools you need to make it a success while keeping your agents happy.

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