May 15, 2019

Has Your Company Been Falsely Accused of Spam Robo-Dialing?

Robot Dialing Accusation

Few people enjoy picking up the phone to hear a recorded message. They don’t need a new home security system and don’t want to hear that call. Nor do they want to listen to requests for donations to some benevolent fund to save a rare bacterium from extinction. These are annoying, and many telemarketing techniques are identical.

You’re a top-notch company doing it all the right way, you follow all the rules. You use a predictive dialer, not voice broadcasting and stay on top of regulations. So, what’s the best course of action when your company uses honest efforts to contact established clients and potential new customers only to face accusations of spam dialing?

Consumers Take Action

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is taking action against spam robo-dialers. But consumers aren’t waiting for FCC actions. They’re taking steps to reduce the intrusion of spam calls in their daily lives. Many incorrectly assume that all calls made by a company like yours must be spam robo-dialers.

As a result, they take action to block or limit true scam callers from bothering them. Your company is taking the hit from the collateral damage. Here are some top examples of apps and devices consumers may use to cut the spam robo-dialers out of their lives.

Spam Blocking Mobile Apps

Nomorobo: This spam call blocker first intercepts all incoming calls. Then it compares the number against its list of robocalls, then decides whether to let the call through to you.

Hiya: This smartphone app allows you to identify and block unwanted calls. Smartphones are the preferred platform for this app.

TrueCaller: Available for Android and iPhone, this app is popular because it includes a number lookup feature. It can also expose your number after you use it the first time.

Some companies even end up blocked by phone carrier services themselves. Others find themselves on a blacklist database compiled from FCC complaints.

Carrier Block Hurts Your Bottom Line

You might receive a carrier block on your phone line(s) after someone makes a complaint to a phone carrier service. This could be a customer, client, or someone else in your database. You may or may not receive notification of this block.

A carrier block prevents outgoing calls from your phone number(s). You won’t even receive a dial tone if a carrier block is on your business. You can receive incoming calls, but that’s small consolation to a telemarketing firm. When it comes down to it, the success of your business depends on outgoing calls to generate sales.

A carrier block can hurt a business that relies on outbound telemarketing. Companies need to take proactive steps to prevent carriers from blocking their numbers.

Can You Survive SHAKEN/STIR?

FCC chairman Ajit Pai mandated that telecom companies make “significant progress” toward ending spam robo-calls by the end of 2019. The FCC plans to make use of a new system called SHAKEN/STIR, which tries to authenticate caller ID in real time. This technology’s primary function is to confirm a caller’s true identity to the call recipient before answering their phone.

What is SHAKEN & STIR?

SHAKEN the name visible on the caller ID has legitimate access to the displayed number. This protocol prevents a spoofed number from getting through as a legitimate caller.

STIR assures the number displayed is not a spoofed number. The system validates the phone calls passing through the many networks needed to complete a call. Your telecom business verifies incoming calls to customers are from the company they say they are.

What If Your Company is Falsely Accused?

Proactively protect yourself from false accusations. Make sure you take the necessary steps to legitimize your business from the start. Register your business with your secretary of state if your business is a nonprofit, an S-Corp or an L.L.C.

Register Your Caller ID’s

This registration links your business your physical address and caller ID displayed on your outgoing calls. Take the steps necessary to get your business up to speed with SHAKEN/STIR technology. If your calls can pass the test of the SHAKEN/STIR system, that goes a very long way in assuring customers that you are whom you say you are.

Manage Your Caller ID Reputation

By enlisting caller ID reputation management software, you avoid wasting money and hours on blocked numbers. A reputation manager monitors all your numbers to make sure there are no carrier blocks in place or complaints filed against the numbers.

You might find a complaint or carrier block filed against you if you don’t keep an eye on your numbers.

Times Are Changing

Call filtering is nothing new for phone carriers. With pressure from the FCC, the onus falls to carriers to block spam and fraud calls. The best way to make sure your business doesn’t fall prey to false accusations and carrier block is to have the tools to prevent it.

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