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How CallTools Will Help You Achieve Tony Robbins Success

February 20th, 2019

Ask anyone if they've heard of Tony Robbins and chances are, they have. Tony Robbins is success personified. He works as a life coach, has written multiple books, and his live seminars are insanely popular. All together, Tony's ventures pull in around $6 billion in annual sales.

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His success and inspiration are useful in everyday life too - including our business life. Here are some of the best quotes and how they apply to how CallTools will help you achieve Tony Robbins success.

"Every problem is a gift – without problems, we would not grow.”

Sometimes our worries and problems are indeed gifts. For instance, sometimes you may think you have too many leads to contact or a steady flow of inbound calls. However, that's the best kind of problem to have. It’s better to have a full pipeline than an empty one. Think of those problems as the positive results of how well your business is doing. Being too busy simply means there is plenty of business. This is always conducive to better profit margins and more success. If you are having trouble with too much of something, maybe a tool could be used to mitigate the process.

“The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships.”

You want to keep a balanced, strong, and satisfactory relationship with every person you call. Make sure to use the systems you have at your disposal to help you. This includes email, phone calls, and SMS to help build rapport with your customers. There are plenty of ways that you can keep the quality of your relationships, ie sales. Once you have the sale, that's only the beginning.

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

You don't have to do the same thing every single time. In fact, there is another saying about doing the same time and expecting different results. Instead, try a new service, manage your lists, or try different settings with your software/services. The most important thing is not to get stuck in a rut doing the same thing all the time.

Keep things fresh and see how easy it is to get inspired again. Your whole team will appreciate it, sparking a sense of new.

Tony states it best in this quote:

"Are you concerned about the goals you’ve set for your business, or are you still working toward setting some? Remember not to limit yourself based on what already exists on the market, in your industry and in the business world. Sound strategies and an action plan can make even reach goals reality. Even when you have an action plan underway, continue to look for ways you can innovate and improve. Some of the best leaders worked to improve existing ideas instead of creating new ones."

“You see, in life, lots of people know what to do, but few people actually do what they know. Knowing is not enough! You must take action.”

It's not enough to gather knowledge about the things that will propel your business. For instance, maybe you already know you can integrate with other systems but you haven't yet. You realize you can be automating text messages or emails, and yet you don't. You know that you could be calling leads more often, etc. No matter what it is in that sector, software can help you do all of that more easily.

So the next time you're putting things off or not embracing changes, go ahead and try things a different way. You will find that the results may be just the boost you need at your company.

In fact, the companies that are most successful are the ones that are able to roll with the changes. These changes might end other companies but being flexible and open to variances is a start in ensuring a company's longevity.

For instance, implementation. It is easy to get started with the CallTools platform. You simply upload your contacts, customize your settings, and start dialing.

“Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.”

There's another saying that there are no bad questions. If you don't ask questions you’ll never know the answer. But Tony Robbins takes it a bit further in his quote. Instead of just asking questions, ask better questions. By doing so, you get better answers - the kind of answers that help further your career or business.

Utilize the customer service provided by the software companies you purchase from. Ask questions on Google to get from point A to B or give you an idea of where to go. Exchange information with peers, even information on how they use the software. The point is to find out all that you can on using your software to make your job easier and more successful.

Hint: if you offer a bit of your own information, you will receive more in return. Don’t just ask for things without also providing value.

“Identify your problems, but give your power and energy to solutions.”

No job is without its problems but it is what you do with those problems that make the difference between succeeding and failing. What Tony is stressing here is that you must first identify your problems and then focus all of your energy and power on finding a solution. Instead of letting the problems get you down, go out and find a solution.

One way to be proactive is by establishing a list of "questions for success" for your sales team. Examples from Inc include the following. Yet, finding your own questions makes things tailored for your company.

  • What is the biggest obstacle to adding new customers?
  • What is working and what isn't?
  • What are your most (and least) significant opportunities?
  • If you had a magic wand and could fix one problem, what would it be?
  • Who is your toughest competitor--and what are they doing right?

CallTools Help Your Success

With CallTools, use an inbound caller ID to direct calls to your sales team and streamline your customer experience. It helps you build rapport, and provides an extra set of tools that helps your business succeed along with the standards that Tony Robbins sets.