June 28, 2017

Improving Customer Service With the Help of Call Recordings

Your call center would be nothing without call recordings. It may seem like a bold claim to make, but call recordings are part of the glue that holds the telecom industry together. Whether used for quality assurance or training purposes, call recordings ensure consistent, top-level performance from all agents.

The customer service team is one of the most important parts of any company’s call center. Without customer support, the task of helping customers set up and troubleshoot your product or service would fall to another department. By having a dedicated team to assist customers you ensure a pleasant user experience for each person using your product or service.

What if your customer service team isn’t trained properly, though? What if the information they share is inconsistent between agents. How can you assure each member of the customer service team is on the same page and providing relevant, accurate, and helpful information to each customer?

Call Recordings for Customer Service

Each member in every department at your company should always strive to perform their best. However, companies seem to hold customer service to a higher standard than most other departments. They need to maintain a level head during each customer interaction throughout the day.

Using call recordings helps you provide the best support to your customer service team. You should use both good and bad call recordings when training brand new agents. Show them how to handle a call and how not to handle a call. With the use of call recordings, you can give agents an example of how you prefer to handle customers at your company.

Simplify your quality assurance process through the use of call recordings. Representatives are more likely to perform well when they are knowingly being recorded. However, if you question the performance of a specific employee, you can check call recordings to see how they are handling calls. By having access to recorded calls, you’ll never have to question how well any of your customer service representatives are handling customers.

Call recordings are also useful for training existing customer service representatives. Since training should be an ongoing process, incorporate updated call recordings into your routine training meetings. Rather than basing training on hypothetical situations, including call recordings in your training

How to Use Call Recordings to Help Customer Service

Not knowing the answer to a question.

It can be uncomfortable when you’re working in customer service and don’t know the answer to a question. Many customers think service should have all the answers. Find a recording where a representative smoothly handled a situation in which they didn’t know the answer to show other agents how to work through a similar situation.

Handling difficult customers.

If an agent did a fantastic job handling a difficult customer, pull the call recording. Use it in your next training session to show other customer service representatives how to work with frustrated or irate customers. When you give other agents a real example of how to handle these customers, they have a definite method to work off of.

Saving a bad call.

This is somewhat similar to handling a difficult customer. When working with someone who seems to think every answer is wrong, it may seem impossible to please them. However, some customer service representatives are able to save these calls. Find a recording where one of your reps brought back an all but hopeless call as an example for your other agents to follow.

These are just a few examples of how to use call recordings in your own company. With CallTools.com, call recordings are saved on the system for 30 days. Additionally, you can download any of the recordings the system saves. If you have certain recordings you want to use for training purposes, simply download and save the recording to your computer.

Use call recordings to keep your customer experience consistent from rep to rep. Integrate recordings into your customer service training to ensure high-quality service from each representative. No matter how you use them, call recordings can catapult your company’s performance to the next level.

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