June 8, 2016

How to Improve Customer Service Skills using Simple Call Center Software

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If you want to improve the customer experience and increase brand loyalty, you should start by working with your customer service team and empowering them to excel.

When it comes to customer service, it is not enough to be adequate or just okay. If you are, your customers will have that same reaction to your brand. Instead, you want to create incredible customer experiences that they will want to brag about. You can do so by proactively and purposefully working with your customer service team so that they can become your best brand ambassadors.

Access to Data is Critical

Before you can work on improving the skills of your team, you need to know what their actual skills are. The best way is by using call center software that records your calls so that they can be reviewed at a later date. Our cloud-based solution includes recordings at no cost, allowing you to review calls at anytime from anywhere. You can even review notes, dispositions and metrics such as the length of the call.

Identify What Works

Robust data can assist you in identifying where your team shines. By reviewing call data and listening to recordings you can determine who is providing excellent customer service and why.

You want to get into the details of the call to determine, at each touchpoint, what an agent did right or what they can do to improve. For example, was the greeting acceptable but the call went downhill as the issue became more complex? These are the type of factors that need to be considered and analyzed carefully so that you can narrow down what exactly you can do to improve your customer service.

Use negative recordings to identify…

  • Why customers were upset at the beginning of the call.
  • Whether your agent calmed the situation or escalated it and why.
  • What made your customer end the call dissatisfied.

Teach by Example

Once you have gathered examples of agents providing stellar customer service, you can keep them and play them for other team members. For example, you may want to find a recording that shows an agent providing a customer with incredible levels of empathy or you may want to identify a recording where an agent is appropriately using your CRM tools in order to access customer data. Essentially, you can identify recordings that provide perfect examples of how an agent can interact with a customer in virtually any circumstance. These calls can turn into training tools to help your other agents become more successful.

Focus on core skills from positive recordings.

  • Communicate clearly with customers.
  • Set realistic expectations.
  • Really listen.
  • Show empathy.
  • Be willing to adjust.

Center your training on enhancing your agent’s core skills and competencies. Even if an agent does not have every answer, if they are using empathy and truly listening to a customer’s needs, the call is going to be a positive one.

Reward Excellence

It is important to reward your customer service team when they are providing excellent service. However, you should rethink the type of rewards you are giving. When reviewing recent satisfaction surveys, it became clear that money and additional incentives were not as valuable to many employees as the ability to receive additional training, have advancement opportunities, or having the flexibility of working from home. Fortunately, with modern cloud-based call center solutions you can provide your employees with these options. Doing so may improve your employee satisfaction which will inspire them to work even harder.

Enhance Your Current Capabilities

Cloud based call center software from CallTools can help you enhance your current capabilities by ensuring that you have all of the data you need to identify what is working and improve what isn’t.

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