October 28, 2020

Improve Your Call Center’s Efficiency with a Dialer CRM

Improve Efficiency with Dialer CRM

In a call center environment, a dialer is a vital piece of equipment for connecting with customers. Agents won’t have to dial prospects and customers manually, which saves time. A dialer isn’t a new piece of technology. (This technology dates back to the 1940s.) However, a dialer CRM provides call center managers with multiple benefits over a standard dialer.

Not all dialers provide the same value. Managers should invest in a dialer that integrates into their customer relationship management (CRM) system. This provides agents with valuable intelligence before, during, and after calls. It also improves efficiencies in your telemarketing processes and makes you a more competitive organization. This is a good thing!

In this guide, learn the benefits of a dialer CRM and discover why you should incorporate this technology into your call center.

What are the Benefits of a Dialer CRM?

Incorporating a dialer with a CRM system saves time and provides managers and agents with real-time intelligence about their customers. Introducing this technology to your call center gives you an edge over the competition. You can also:

  • Save costs
  • Improve call center performance
  • Increase productivity

It’s much more effective than using a dialer on its own.

Visualize Data

When agents access real-time data during a call, it improves:

  • Response times
  • Service outcomes
  • Call accuracy

Dialers, especially preview dialers, provide agents with the real-time data needed to facilitate call handling tasks, such as upselling or customer service.

These benefits will allow agents to view:

  • Information about customers/leads before the call.
  • Previous interactions with customers/leads before the call.
  • Call notes before/during the call.

In addition, agents can add call notes during or after the call. This makes it easier to move customers/leads through customer service, sales, and marketing pipelines.

Enhance Lead Management

Effective lead management optimizes call center operations but few managers do it properly. Using a dialer helps you improve lead management in various ways:

  • Assist customers/improve service outcomes through online/offline workflows.
  • Ensure agents generate fair and consistent leads (“cherry-picking” doesn’t happen.)
  • In advanced cases, skill-based routing funnels customers to specific agents on the first call, reducing wait times and improving the customer experience.

Improve KPI Reporting

Key performance indicators (KPIs) and other metrics provide managers with real-time insights into calls, customers, agents, and entire sales teams. Integrating a CRM with a dialer can:

  • Improve KPI quality.
  • Provide managers with more accurate predictive analytics.
  • Identify the strengths (and weaknesses) of agents, campaigns, dialing lists, and other areas.

Automated Messaging

With automated messaging, agents receive reminders to stay on task. This way, they can engage with all customers. A dialer CRM streamlines notifications via calendars, emails, and SMS. Agents can also receive notifications through CRM systems.

You can use automated messages for other purposes:

  • Ensuring agents meet sales targets.
  • Reminding agents about upselling opportunities.
  • Notifying agents about technical issues, long call queues, etc.

Appointment Automation

As well as automated messages, you can also automate appointments via websites, email, SMS, or other outlets where customers schedule appointments themselves. This reduces the time it takes for agents to set up appointments with customers over the phone or reach out to schedule appointments via email.

Here’s an example:

A customer wants to sign up for a service after a 30-day trial. However, they need to make an appointment by calling the sales team. With automated appointments, the customer can schedule an appointment without making a call, saving time.

Improve Campaign Management

Campaign management can be a long process. However, a dialer CRM simplifies this process considerably. Using the latest metrics, managers analyze campaign effectiveness and identify possible weak areas. (Tip: Data visualizations make it even easier to identify data trends and make predictions.)

Improving campaign management can have the following outcomes:

  • Enhance quality assurance.
  • Improve customer score leads.
  • Identify the right demographics.
  • Increase in revenue.

Improved Customer Experience

A good customer experience is, perhaps, the most important facet of communication. Customers who receive pleasant experiences are likely to recommend services to friends and family, write positive reviews online, and make future purchases with your company. Additionally, unpleasant experiences can lead to complaints and negative feedback.

A CRM dialer helps agents engage with customers over the phone. With access to the latest information, agents develop long-lasting relationships with customers as they progress through sales and marketing pipelines.

Easier For Agents

Agents get frustrated when they cannot solve a customer’s problem or can’t provide the right advice. Most of the time, it’s because agents don’t have access to the information they need to facilitate calls. A CRM dialer provides agents with real-time information about a customer’s:

  • Purchasing history.
  • Interests.
  • Behavior.
  • Contact information.

With this information to hand, agents can make smarter decisions and expedite call handling.

A CRM dialer, therefore, makes it easier for agents to complete day-to-day duties.

Why Is a Dialer CRM Important?

Call center managers need to improve efficiencies for:

  • Better customer service outcomes.
  • Increased sales.
  • Better complaint resolution.

CRM helps managers achieve these goals.

When organizations pursue customers using CRM systems, customers are likely to purchase 20-40 percent more with the same company. Sixty-five percent of sales agents who use CRM meet sales quotas. Integrating CRM with a dialer can be even more profitable for call centers.

Final Word

Call centers need the right tools to make important decisions about calls, customers, campaigns, and agents. This is where a good dialer comes in. Integrating a CRM with a dialer provides managers (and agents) with real-time insights that improve workflows, solve problems, and reduce inefficiencies in a call center environment. Also, this all leads to better training and company processes and, ultimately, an increase in revenue. Investing in a dialer CRM could be the best thing you do for your call center this year.

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