May 15, 2024

Inbound Solutions for Restaurant Call Centers

Inbound Solutions for Restaurant Call Centers

Even years after the COVID-19 pandemic, many restaurants still see increased to-go orders. Despite customers wanting to return to dining in person, many people have become accustomed to ordering to-go more frequently. As a result, restaurants have turned to outsourcing incoming phone calls to help save costs and maximize time for restaurant employees.

How are Restaurants Utilizing Call Centers?

Restaurants are now using call centers more than ever before, helping to maximize efficiency and allow them to improve business operations.

Phone Orders

One of the most common reasons restaurants use call centers is to handle incoming calls from customers looking to place orders. Although more restaurants are offering the ability to place online orders, research still suggests that many customers still prefer to place an order over the phone. Placing food orders over the phone reassures customers that their customizations were understood — a service online ordering cannot offer.


Restaurant call centers can also take reservations. Speaking with an agent to place restaurant reservations creates a personalized touch and lets customers make special requests, such as reserving event rooms for special events like birthday gatherings.

Call centers can make scheduling specialty reservations like large parties or making unique requests easy. Many callers enjoy the confirmation they get from speaking to an agent. Making reservations through an online system doesn’t offer that reassurance.

Drive-Through Orders

Drive-through orders can also be placed over the phone, helping your restaurant streamline operations. Call center agents can help reduce the number of staff needed on-site to take orders, freeing up staff for other essential tasks.

Benefits of Restaurant Contact Centers

Using contact centers for restaurants to outsource phone orders and reservations can benefit restaurants in several ways, from greater efficiency to enhanced customer satisfaction.

Cheaper Operating Costs

Perhaps one of the most attractive benefits of using a restaurant call center is the ability to reduce your business’s operating costs. Businesses looking to streamline costs and adhere to a budget may find that using a contact center is more cost-effective than hiring in-house employees to take orders and make reservations.

Greater Efficiency

When it comes to operating a restaurant, efficiency is key to keeping things running smoothly and getting customers to return. Restaurant call centers allow restaurants to skip the process of hiring and training new staff, freeing up time to focus on other aspects of the business.

Quicker Service

Restaurant contact centers can help you provide quicker service to customers and extend your hours in ways you may not be able to with on-site employees. Some restaurant call centers even provide 24/7 assistance to customers.

Better Customer Satisfaction

The restaurant industry has an overwhelming amount of competition, which means restaurants must differentiate themselves from competitors with small touches. Happier customers are more likely to return for repeat purchases. Using a restaurant call center can help enhance customer satisfaction, reduce average hold time (AHT), and boost your restaurant’s reputation.

Selecting the Right Inbound Calling Software

When selecting your inbound calling software for a restaurant contact center, it is important to analyze the best tools for the job. Below are some software components to pay attention to.

Callback Features

Don’t want your customers to have to wait on hold for too long? Callback features can automatically contact customers who request callbacks. This eliminates the need for customers to wait in lengthy queues. When an agent becomes available, the software will return the customer’s call automatically.

Queue Management

Restaurants that receive a high volume of incoming calls daily can benefit from using inbound calling software with queue management features. Custom queues allow you to prioritize calls by their importance and record calls to be used as learning tools. Recording calls helps your restaurant gather important data on customer needs and requests so you can improve your business operations.

Smart Call Distribution

Smart call distribution features automatically route incoming phone calls to the most appropriate agent to answer the call based on the caller’s needs. This means your incoming calls can be filtered between people looking to make reservations, place orders for to-go orders, or inquire about something else.

Advanced IVR Solutions

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions allow calls to be forwarded to voicemail or forwarded internally or externally. Your restaurant will be able to customize a specific menu of prompts for customers, helping to direct calls to the best place to provide quick help for customers. Calls can also be sent to specific groups of agents based on the menu prompt.

CallTools Inbound Calling Software

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