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Is Your Calling Software Predicting Opportunities for Your Sales Team?

November 14th, 2018

Sales reps can spend up to 2 hours a day researching information. Each of these hours is a wasted opportunity to reach quota and win revenue for your organization. When it comes to a highly-competitive outbound sales environment, each minute of productivity on the phone matters.

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A sales agent's success revolves around a single metric: meeting or exceeding their sales quota. As technology has evolved, there's been an influx of intelligent sales enablement solutions to increase efficiency. At organizations with best-of-class sales strategies and technologies, sales agents achieve quota each month. Are your sales reps achieving their quota?

A predictive dialer for sales is among the most effective ways to maximize the efficiency of sales agents in a call center. If your call center lacks predictive dialer technology or your dialing software is outdated, you're leaving opportunities to win new leads on the table. With the right solutions for sales enablement, you can maximize the number of opportunities your sales agents reach and minimize downtime.

Capture Sales Opportunities with Modern Calling Software

Sales enablement is a practice that is defined as "providing the sales team with the information, content, and tools that help salespeople sell more effectively." In an outbound call center, the right technology is key to capture opportunities. Without predictive dialing, the average agent can spend a majority of their day between calls waiting to speak to a live person. This translates to wasted time on outdated technology, lowering your sales reps ability to reach their sales quota.

Modern calling software and predictive dialer technology with proprietary redial rules are designed to help sales gain opportunities by minimizing downtime between agent calls based on real-time data, algorithms, and rule parameters for redials. This can translate to greater efficiency, less time wasted, and more agents who reach quota each month.

How Predictive Dialers Use Data to Boost Opportunity

Predictive dialers represent an improvement over "power dialer" technology by incorporating real-time agent data to maximize agent's "calls per hour" and qualified leads your sales team speaks with. By reaching a high volume of leads with less downtime between calls, the algorithm boosts opportunity.

An algorithm is at the core of a the predictive technology. The algorithm continuously gathers real-time data from sales' past calls in a call center setting:

  1. Amount of Dials to Reach a Live Person
  2. Length of Talk Time

The algorithm uses this data to dynamically calculate the optimal number of leads to dial and predict when the current call will conclude. When the sales agent is finished speaking with a lead, optionally setting a disposition, the dialer is ready to connect them with the next opportunity.

While the algorithm can make smarter predictions with a higher volume of data, it doesn't require much data to maximize opportunity and increase efficiency. A predictive dialer can accurately calculate dials and length of talk time in a call center with four or more sales agents.

Don't Leave Sales Opportunities Behind

While predictive dialing can introduce immense efficiency, many of these solutions can still leave some opportunities behind. To best enable your sales team and organization to compete, the most intelligent technology is key. "In today's world, every successful company is a tech company," writes Forbes' Adam Rogers.

When evaluating predictive dialer solutions, consider the value of "redial rules," a unique feature designed to automatically address unanswered calls with a set of business rules that are determined by your organization. These parameters can determine data points such as:

  1. Dispositions for a Call-Back Attempt (Unanswered, Busy, Voicemail, Failed, Abandoned)
  2. How long to wait before calling again
  3. How many call attempts to make
  4. Follow-up with a text message

When unanswered calls meet the predetermined parameters for a redial, the dialer can place an opportunity back into the queue at the right time to ensure sales opportunities are maximized.

Redial Rules Minimize Manual Efforts

Redial rules can reduce the burden on sales agents compared to the manual effort needed for redial lists. Without predictive dialer technology, agents have historically called through "recycle lists" at the end of a campaign.

Not only is the recycle list approach time-consuming, but it can also lead to a significant delay in reaching qualified leads who did not answer during the first attempt.

Redial Rules Scrub Bad-Quality Lead Data

The most intelligent predictive dialers improve the efficiency of your sales agents while significantly optimizing the quality of your campaign data. By integrating with your customer relationship management (CRM) software, redial rules features work behind-the-scenes to remove outdated and bad-quality contact data from the database for future campaign cycles.

Studies indicate the often staggering costs of poor-quality lead data. One analysis of 3.64 million B2B leads found that 33 percent of the CRM records contained duplicate lead data and 10 percent contained invalid data. The redial rule feature can maximize opportunity while reducing the cost of bad-quality leads to your sales organization.