July 8, 2020

Key Features Predictive Dialer Software Provides for Agents and Managers

Key Features in Predictive Dialer Software

Nothing matches the disappointment of calling your clients and landing on their answering machines. Companies using manual dialing machines punch in the numbers to call. This process is highly inefficient as many numbers are often unavailable or engaged. Predictive dialer software is not an innovation in the telecommunications industry. But surprisingly, many companies are not using this technology to make their calling process more efficient.

Predictive dialers come with several features that help you reduce the time it takes to connect with your clients. Here are some of the key benefits and features of predictive dialers.

What are Predictive Dialers and How Do They Work?

Predictive dialers are a system of outbound call management and processing. Predictive dialer software consists of computer algorithms that allow you to make calls to numbers that are only available. This means that they only allow calls that are answerable using a human voice. Predictive dialers work continuously which means there is no waiting. Besides, your workers never have to dial the phone as the software automatically begins making another call when the previous one is about to end.

Predictive dialers are highly efficient. This is because they improve productivity by calculating how long a call will be. This helps agents make more calls per hour. The software also makes calls based on the agents’ performance, type of campaign, and client preference. This helps convert prospective leads into customers who buy whatever your company is selling.

Predictive dialers work by analyzing different call patterns. This allows them to change different call structure for optimal success. It does not require human intervention, unlike manual dialing. Using predictive dialer software ensures that every agent is working to increase sales. It also ensures impartiality because the agent doesn’t get to choose which calls, he or she answers.

Features of Predictive Dialer Software for Agents

The types of services in dialing software vary between agents and managers. Agent tools help to boulster the success of calling agents making them more efficient.

Conferencing calls

Predictive dialers allow agents to get connected to an ongoing call as a third party. This feature carries no extra charge. To conference a call, an agent will make a call to the client. After the first call gets connected, the dialer dials the number to the agent you want to connect to. Once the second person receives the call, you connect both calls simultaneously by pressing the call conferencing button.

Pacing Ratio

The goal of predictive dialer software is to get the best out of every agent. Thus, the dialer automatically dials several numbers meant for one agent. This happens when the agent is on a call and is about to finish it. This ensures that the agent does not wait too long to get connected to a new prospective client. The pacing ratio is flexible and the company can change it to improve agents’ performance and increase sales.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Display

Predictive dialers collect a lot of information on prospective clients. The CRM display allows the agent to access this information to better understand the client. The agent is also able to get more actionable insights about the client. This aids in driving up sales and creating a reliable target group for various products or services.

Data Management Features of Predictive Dialer

Metrics are key in any call center. Managing your agents, lists and campaigns improve overall efficiency in call centers.

Monitoring Calls

Predictive dialer software allows you to monitor the number of ongoing calls. This helps you know the number of available agents, and the ones talking to a prospective client. Call monitoring also allows you to preview the quality of outgoing calls. This process occurs in-between calls. You can also get in on the call without the client knowing through barging and whispering features.

These features make it easy for your agents to manage their clients more effectively.

Call Recording

Predictive dialers allow you to record calls for later review. This helps you monitor the progress of agents and how they are performing. It helps you improve the quality of the calls.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Statistics

The software in predictive dialers also collects a lot of information on the agents’ performance. These act as KPI statistics which help managers determine if a campaign is on the right track. It also sheds light on areas that need improvement.

Campaign Management Features

A calling agent’s success depends upon a well formulated campaign. Campaign management helps a call center run smoothly and efficiently. A campaign should be streamlined to provide the greatest lead opportunity for agents to convert.

Uploading Lists

Predictive dialers can upload lists of prospective customers for specific campaigns. This helps agents save time as they already know the list of clients that they should call.

Scrubbing Lists

Some numbers belong to the Do Not Call (DNC) category. Predictive dialers help you avoid making a call to numbers in this list. Predictive dialers also give agents a list of clients that have not opted out of receiving calls.

Managing Leads

Improving the efficiency of marketing campaigns is also enhanced using predictive dialer software. This is because it analyzes potential leads and ensures that every agent is following a prospective client.

Scheduling Calls

Predictive dialers schedule calls and add reminders. This helps your agents keep track of their clients and call them on time. It also ensures your agents can contact potential leads on their time. This provides a more personal sales approach and better customer service.

Connect with Your Clients Using Predictive Dialers

The main benefit of predictive dialer software is that it allows you to connect with your clients. This then allows you to grow your brand, market more products, and drive up your sales revenue. Predictive dialers also make work much easier for your agents. This improves their efficiency and productivity. Do not wait another day before getting this piece of revolutionary software.

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