September 21, 2022

Leveraging Your Call Center Software to Work for You

Leveraging Your Call Center Software to Work for You

Running a thriving contact center requires effort, diligence, and research. Using the best contact center software, you can save time and offer excellent phone support for your customers. If your business is not using your contact center software effectively, you could fall behind your competitors.

Many inbound and outbound contact center software features help improve your workflow internally while enhancing your customer’s experience. Learn more about the tools and strategies that can work for your contact center.

4 Must-Have Outbound Contact Center Software Features

Outbound dialing requires the right tools to ensure your agents can successfully connect with leads. This makes a huge difference in converting your leads to customers. Outbound contact center software with the following features can help your agents successfully perform outbound calls. From call recording to CRM integration, each feature allows your agents to provide superior customer service and help convert more leads.

1. Automatic Call Detection and Call Routing Strategies

Automatic Call Detection (ACD) is a software feature that automatically takes incoming calls and distributes them to available agents. This feature helps you manage incoming calls without overwhelming your agents. It also helps improve the experience for your customers by connecting them to agents promptly.

Even better, allow your call center software to work for you by using skill-based call routing. Skill-based call routing automatically distributes calls to specific team members based on their relevant skills. This improves customer experience and call center efficiency.

2. Call Recording and Agent Monitoring

Using contact center software can also allow you to record calls to review at a later time. This helps you improve your call quality and identify where agents can individually improve. With this in mind, your agency can prioritize continual improvement and monitor the progress of individual agents. Managers can review recorded calls to see where agents can improve.

3. CRM Integrations

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools let agents access important client information. The information viewable through CRM will enable agents to learn more about clients before making calls. Call center software with CRM integration helps pave the way for a more personalized call that enhances success.

4. Campaign and List Management

Let your outbound contact center software work for you with various campaign and list management features. Whether uploading a list of prospective customers for specific campaigns or scrubbing do not call lists, your contact center software can help improve your sales approach and customer service.

5 Essential Inbound Contact Center Software Features

Managing your inbound calls effectively will help improve your customers’ experience and retention. Essential features for your contact center’s inbound software include:

1. IVR Technology

Interactive Voice Response, or IVR technology, lets your agency create an automated phone system with self-serve options, which helps save you time and gets customers to the right place. IVR is vital for contact centers with high call volumes because it lowers wait times and improves customer experiences. 

2. AI Technology

Modern artificial intelligence technology can take your inbound contact center to the next level. Using voice pattern detection, AI technology can identify a caller’s mood and direct the conversation in the right direction. In addition, customers can use AI technology to gain information, schedule appointments, and more.

AI-powered call center software can reduce the load on your agents by performing simple tasks for them. Your agents will then have more time to address complicated issues. AI technology also has the potential to help your agency improve agent retention rates by eliminating repetitive calls for basic information.

3. Escalation Management

Let your call center software work for you by creating an escalation matrix to handle difficult calls. In the event of complicated concerns, escalation management helps agents direct calls to managers and supervisors who can better address problems. Creating an escalation matrix tells your agents who to contact in every possible call scenario.

4. Live Chat

Use the live chat feature of your call center software for another way to communicate with leads. Live chat can be strategically used for specific functions, reserving calls for more complex concerns. The option to chat also gives your customers another means of communication if a phone call is not preferred.

5. KPI Management

Manage your key performance indicators (KPIs) with your contact software. KPI management allows you to view vital statistics relating to the success of your campaign. Using these analytics, your agency can then identify which areas of a campaign are working and which components may need improvement.

Use Your Call Center Software Wisely

Advanced technology and software have become an integral part of our society across all industries. For contact centers, using call center software effectively means access to tools and features that improve workflow. Strategically using these tools can allow your call center software to work for you, saving you time and improving your agency’s workflow.

Taking advantage of these beneficial features is a must-do for any contact center. Take the time to explore the many features call center software can offer your agency’s inbound and outbound calls.

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