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call center recording law

Recording Calls at a Call Center: UK, US and Canadian Law Guide

December 17, 2015

There are things you need to know before you start recording calls in a call center. These resources can help you to stay up to date with regulatory compliance because they change from State to State or Country to Country. As always, seeking legal advice from a professional may be the appropriate thing to do before recording calls.

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cold calling script

How to Write Effective Cold Calling Scripts

December 2, 2015

A cold calling script is an effective way get agents on the phone quickly, however, there are ways to write and execute a cold calling script properly. Find out more about scripts and how they can improve your agent’s sales calls.

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business lead generation

5 Business Lead Generation Techniques to Boost Your Sales

August 19, 2015

You must consistently focus on methods of generating new leads for your business. However, coming up with new business lead generation ideas can be difficult. Here are five business lead generation techniques that you can use to boost your sales. 1.Custom Scripts If you want to improve the results of your sales team, you should […]

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Outbound Call Center Metrics

5 Outbound Call Center Metrics You Should Be Tracking

July 29, 2015

Part of managing a successful outbound call center means knowing which metrics you should be tracking, ultimately the key performance indicators (KPI) you chose to track will become fundamental buildings blocks when it comes to crafting your sales strategy. In addition, tracking the right metrics will have a direct impact on the overall performance of […]

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