May 25, 2016

How Do Predictive Dialers Utilize Headsets With Softphones?

predictive dialer with headset/softphone

If you want to make it easier for your employees to do their job, switch to softphones and headsets. Using a traditional landline is inconvenient and also incredibly uncomfortable. Anyone specializing in ergonomics can tell you that using a landline is bound to cause some neck and shoulder strain. This is in addition to the fact that your employees will be tied to a device that forces them to stay in one position throughout the day. Both are bad for your employees’ comfort and for any business trying to limit or reduce their workers’ compensation claims.

The good news is that your employees can experience greater levels of freedom with a headset that is connected to a softphone. This goes beyond the traditional freedom that is associated with using a headset because your employees can, for the first time, connect with customers regardless of where they are located — as long as they have a computer hooked up to the internet.

What is a Predictive Dialer?

A predictive dialer is an outbound calling tool that allows your sales team to connect with more prospects and customers. Simply load a list of numbers with data and the software will call through it. The system only connects your agents to live answers and provides the coinciding information for the number dialed.

Every business is looking to become more efficient, and every sale person is looking to connect with more prospects. After all, as they say: it’s a numbers game. A predictive dialer increases your call volume because our software dials an incredible amount of numbers at the same time while keeping in mind how many agents you have available to receive live calls. Once someone answers the phone, a live call is transferred to one of your agents while the phone system keeps dialing. This way, your agents are always on the phone and no one is spending time shuffling through paperwork or manually dialing the phone.

What is a Softphone?

A softphone is a software system that your employees can log into from anywhere with an internet connection. By simply plugging a headset into their computer, they will be able to receive calls from anywhere in the world. Everything is done through the cloud instead of physical phone cables.

This Is an Affordable Way to Test a New Sales Team

From a financial perspective, there are several benefits to using softphones connected to a predictive dialer. Our solution gives you the ability to test out a new sales team or to test out a new calling program to see how effective it is going to be.

Instead of having to hire a sales team on a permanent basis and provide them with expensive landlines, you can provide them with softphones connected to the internet. This allows you to hire a remote team. You no longer have to worry about a costly commercial lease that typically can extend anywhere from five to 10 years, and that’s before knowing if their pricing plan is going to be effective.

Simply hire your sales team remotely, have calls routed to them through our predictive dialer system, have them answer through their softphones and if they close enough sales to generate the ROI need, then invest in long-term commercial space. This is truly the ideal scenario for any business looking to expand but wants to do so in a way that is both smart and affordable

Why Do Salespeople Prefer Using a Predictive Dialer and Softphone?

#1 – Speak with more prospects in the same amount of time.

Salespeople love using a predictive dialer because it allows them to have more opportunities to close a sale. If your team is compensated based on how many people they speak with or how many deals they close, this is truly a fantastic opportunity for them to increase their numbers without working longer hours.

#2 – Freedom to move around at anytime.

Not everyone likes to sell from a seated position. For many people, they feel more energized, alert, and excited when they can stand up, use their hands, and move around. A softphone with a headset allows your sales team to get into a groove like never before.

#3 – Less strain on the neck and shoulders.

If you are tired of paying workers’ compensation claims for headaches, back pain, and neck injuries associated with using a standard landline, it is time for you to switch to softphones and headsets. This is far better for the health of your employees in addition to being more affordable and convenient.

#4 – Easier tracking with metrics & recordings.

As a business, you need to know who your team is speaking with on an hourly basis. When you’re trying to increase your sales and produce real results, tracking is critical to your success. When you use a predictive dialer, you can see how many calls are being made, how many calls are answered, and how long each one of your sales reps is staying on the phone with prospects. You can then determine which one of your sales agents is truly more successful at their job. This provides you with coaching opportunities to identify best practices that can be implemented by the rest of your team. Your calls can even be recorded for quality control measures and training purposes.

Headsets Are a Key Tool for Using Softphones

A headset is a critical must-have if you want to use a softphone for your business. A headset allows any of your employees who has a computer hooked up to the internet to suddenly have an office phone that they can use from anywhere in the world. This is possible without investing in expensive phone equipment.

Now start-up businesses can compete with established Fortune 500 companies when it comes to communication solutions. If you have yet to enter this virtual world, it is time to consider doing so.

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