July 7, 2021

Select a Dialer Series: Which Industries Benefit from Predictive Dialers?

Industries That Benefit From Predictive Dialers

Running a successful call campaign means finding the best way to sell a product or service to consumers. You have the product, the scripts and the employees. But that isn’t enough. When you plan a campaign for your call center, don’t forget to consider which dialer will work best.

For many industries, a predictive dialer is the best choice for enhancing your company’s success. These dialers can give your employees more power to close sales and increase your profits.

Benefits of Predictive Dialers

A predictive dialer offers your call center several important benefits. These dialers allow you to conduct a high volume of calls while experiencing few dropped calls. Predictive dialers prevent a negative customer experience by using an algorithm to estimate when your agent will be ready to take the next call.

These dialers place the call when they estimate that your agent will be free. Doing so allows for a seamless connection with the potential customer. And the system doesn’t pass along the call to an agent until it has made a successful connection, which saves your employees much time and frustration.

According to statistics, predictive dialers can increase agent productivity by 300%–350%, an impressive improvement by any standards.

Predictive dialers offer these additional benefits:

  • Live call monitoring – Management can listen to live calls to check on agent effectiveness and to spot weaknesses in the campaign itself.
  • Blended campaign abilities – A predictive dialer allows you to blend outbound and inbound campaigns. When combined with an automated call distribution system, a predictive dialer lets clients leave messages for the agent to call back. This system also keeps callers in line for the next available agent, preventing more dropped calls.
  • Improved agent efficiency – Dropped calls can consume a large portion of an agent’s day. Predictive dialers keep the agent seamlessly pitching to the next client.
  • Database management – The predictive dialer will compile a list of numbers that were either busy or went unanswered so you can follow up with them later. The system also keeps a local do-not-disturb log so that you avoid calling people who have requested that you leave them alone.

The predictive dialer makes sense, especially for industries that need to make a high number of calls but want quality connections, such as automobile dealers or insurance brokers.

Predictive Dialer Drawbacks

Predictive dialers are not perfect. Although fairly accurate in their algorithms, predictive dialers can sometimes show higher abandonment rates than preview dialers because of delays in connecting to an agent. In addition, less information is available to an agent when the call begins. This can force agents to do some research about the client while on the call. This issue can lead to costly mistakes.

Call centers with fewer agents may not get the full advantages of predictive dialers because this technology is so fast. Its speed can lead to an influx of incoming calls that requires at least 10 agents to handle. Also, call compliance is an issue. Use of the software must be compatible with industry compliance laws such as the Do Not Call Registry and call labeling measures.

Industries That Excel with Predictive Dialers

Predictive dialers are possibly the most popular type of modern dialers, and there are a number of industries that particularly benefit from using them.

Travel Industry

The travel industry is highly competitive. Companies must reach their customers with travel deals before the competition can. A predictive dialer is faster and more effective than other methods when programmed with quality telephone lists.


Telemarketers must contact many clients a day to be effective. A predictive dialer allows for more contacts which increase an agent’s sales. Also, the dialer is simple to set up and quite affordable to purchase.

Banking/Financial Industries

Banks and other financial institutions can use predictive dialers to set up an automated customer service system, speed up contacts with current clients and reach a broad group of potential clients.

Insurance Agencies

Insurance companies can use predictive dialers to reach people without landlines. These potential clients are mostly young people who are less likely than their parents to have the insurance that they need.

Debt Collection

Debt collection is a delicate process that relies on accurate dialing and easily accessible information. When a collector reaches a customer through a predictive dialer, they can have all the account information on the screen so that the call runs smoothly.

Political Campaigns

A predictive dialer helps political campaigns reach their specific list of constituents and easily gather vital voter information. The dialer also simplifies conducting surveys and polls.

Reach Your Leads with a Predictive Dialer

A successful call center campaign relies on several factors, such as product appeal and employee effectiveness. The dialer you choose can determine how many people you reach and if they are qualified leads and not outdated numbers. For many campaigns, the predictive dialer is your best choice.

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