August 21, 2019

Statistics Show Strong Customer Engagement Strategies Are Key

Customer Engagement Strategies

Nearly half of all businesses consider improving their customer’s experience a major priority – and for good reasons. Statistics show that high customer engagement generates between 4-8% higher revenues than lower engagement levels. Simply put, strong customer engagement is not only necessary to compete, it’s necessary to grow.

A four percent difference in revenue can make or break a company. The good news is that consumers like to reward companies that focus on building strong customer experiences. In fact, 70 percent of consumers say that they would pay higher prices to shop with a business that offers a positive customer experience.

5 Customer Engagement Strategies To Live By

If you want to remain competitive and attract your target customer, you must make boosting customer engagement a top priority. While there are many ways to do this, here are some of the best.

1) Know Your Customers

It’s crucial that you have a firm understanding of who your prime customers are. You should develop a customer persona that gives you better insight. How do your customers think, what are their shopping behaviors, and how do they like to communicate? Once you understand your customers, you can create a customer engagement strategy that is ideal for your business.

2) Use Predictive Dialing Solutions

Predictive dialing solutions help your company save money and boost workplace productivity. Even more, they improve customer engagement. Predictive dialers help filter out answering machines and disconnected numbers and aim only to connect your agents to live calls.

Instead of wasting valuable time power-dialing unanswered calls, your agents are available to engage customers. Not only that, but predictive dialing software help your agents remain engaged throughout the day. This additional contact builds stronger customer experiences.

3) Leverage Social Media

It’s nearly impossible to remain competitive in today’s market without a strong social media presence. Nothing compares to the level of engagement through in-person or phone communication. However, you will likely have customers that want to communicate through social media. To reach this section of your customer pool, you must develop a comprehensive social media strategy. Make sure you have reach across all platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

4) Provide Personalized Services

According to a recent study, 89 percent of customers become very frustrated when they have to repeat themselves. Thankfully, Preview dialing solutions help to avoid this problem. Your agents will have access to pertinent customer data before they even dial the number. This insight improves efficiency, and it can help to deescalate a customer’s frustration.

Preview dialers also provide your agents with the tools they need to give each customer personalized services. This personal touch is an excellent benefit when today’s customers want these types of services. One study shows that 44 percent of customers are more likely to buy from a company again after receiving personalized services.

5) Analyze Vital Statistics

Customer engagement is not a strategy that you can develop, implement, and eventually forget. Instead, it would help if you continuously analyzed the success of your tactics. Yes, you want to track customer satisfaction rates and the number of return buyers, but to track customer engagement, you must dig deeper.

You may want to track and analyze many statistics. Things like first call resolution rates, transfer rates, abandon call rates, and average call length all have an impact. This data helps you determine if your customer engagement strategies are effective or if adjustments are necessary.

Engage More Customers To Earn More Revenue

By enhancing the customer experience, you can boost engagement rates, develop repeat customers, and ultimately improve the company’s bottom line. Make sure to follow the recommendations in this article, and you’ll be off to a great start. Know your customers and interact via social media. When it comes to dialers, Call Tools offers cutting edge predictive dialer and preview dialer solutions that foster customer engagement.

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