February 8, 2017

Telemarketing In-House Can Increase Your Call Volumes and Sales Today

By bringing your telemarketing inhouse, you can increase the amounts of calls and acquisitions your sales team makes. Establishing a “warm up” team in your call center will relieve pressure from your sales team, allowing them to focus only on closing deals. This will also help you to keep both sets of agents on the phones and dialing. Your telemarketing team will focus only on cold and warm calls, passing hot leads to your sales team for them to close.

Take Control of the Process

When your telemarketing takes place in-house with your sales team, you have full control from start to finish. You decide how the cold call and warm-up agents approach their pitch. With tools like Live Agent Monitoring, you are able to correct any mistakes as they happen and adjust pitches when necessary.

If you outsource your telemarketing, you may have the opportunity to give them a script, but you don’t know whether or not they’re following it. Unless the outsourcing center provides you a way to keep up with their agents in real time, if an agent is handling their calls poorly you will have no idea. Rather than finding out after the fact that a specific agent is performing poorly, it would make more sense to set them up in-house and monitor their performance in a location you can control.

Keep Your Agents Connected

When your telemarketing team is located in-house, they can speak directly with your sales team to make them aware of the need-to-know information. Your sales team can better approach these calls when they are more informed about where the lead is at in the buying process. Lead nurturing becomes a smoother process that can be handled with confidence. Agents can set proper expectations for products across the board when located in-house, providing consistent information to leads.

When your telemarketing is outsourced, there’s a disconnect between outsourced agents and your sales team. The physical space between agents results in a more surface-level connection, creating a potential for miscommunication or incorrect passing of information. You may operate on a direct-transfer basis with your outsourced telemarketing team, but what about the times the warm-up agent forgets to inform your sales team of necessary information? You run the risk of your sales team sounding ill-informed and frustrating your lead, possibly causing you to lose the sale.

Additionally, dispositions are imperative when making follow-up calls. You have no control over how an outsourced telemarketing team dispositions your calls. If they are dispositioned incorrectly or lack descriptive dispositions, there is greater potential for misunderstanding. When your telemarketing is in-house, you receive full control over how dispositions are managed. You can customize the notes to provide thorough information to your sales team.

Improve Speed & Upsells of Sales Team

Things happen faster when your telemarketing is done in-house. With every employee under one roof, you’re able to train agents on-the-fly. You can adjust pitches in the moment when you notice they aren’t hitting properly. Waiting for reports from your outbound call center to adjust the approach wastes your time and your prospects’ and leads’ time.

Immediately transfer hot leads directly to your sales team instead of calling them back at a later time. Buys are made impulsively and if you give the lead too much time to think, they may think their way out of a purchase. Direct transfers from your telemarketing to your sales team speeds up the buyer’s journey process.

When prospects and leads are transferred and spoken to immediately, the sales team also has a better chance of upselling them. Buyers are impulsive. Once they are warm, your sales team can butter them up for upsell opportunities. When you outsource your telemarketing team you are not able to get back to your leads until hours or days later. During this time they have the opportunity to sit on your offer and think about whether or not they need it. If you do not provide this time, they are more likely to buy into the product itself as well as upsells.

Keep the Focus on Your Product

Outsourced agents have handled the calls for many different types of products in the past and may even be working with more than one company while you’re using them. This results in split attention between your product and the others the agents are working with. Do you want only partial attention devoted to your cold and warm-up calls? These calls provide the base for what you do. If an agent is not able to offer their full attention to your product, is it worth your money? Do you want to pay for partial attention?

If you handle your telemarketing in-house, your agents will have no other distractions from the process. They’re addressing only your product unless you instruct them to do otherwise. With the focus on your product alone, there is little room for error. Keep your telemarketing in-house to help them avoid making a mistake during pitches or while answering questions.

Reputation Management

You can better hold agents accountable when you telemarket in-house. Though you can monitor agent performance if the outsourced center is using a telemarketing software that includes live agent reporting, you have greater control when they are in-house. Know which agents aren’t performing to the best of their abilities and adjust your team accordingly.

Convey your brand properly and maintain your image. When telemarketing is outsourced, you aren’t able to hear how agents are taking with your customers. One bad review can drag your rating down and you want to avoid this at all costs.

If an agent is handling their calls poorly you will have no idea, but that makes no difference to the prospect or lead. Whoever is on the phone for your business represents your company. Why would you not want to control the process from start to finish? With your business reputation on the line, handling every aspect of the sales process

Keep Your Telemarketing In-House

Telemarketing in-house creates better leads for your sales team. When they don’t have to focus on warming up leads they can stay in the closing mindset, creating more closing opportunities throughout the day. Watch your revenue increase when you bring your telemarketing team inhouse.

Telemarketing in-house helps you:

  • Take control of your center
  • Keep agents connected
  • Speed up the buying process
  • Increase upsell opportunities
  • Focus solely on your product
  • Manage your reputation

Bringing telemarketing in-house does not have to be an expensive process, either. Using a cloud-based call center software can be just as affordable as outsourcing your center, in addition to all of the benefits outlined above. When selecting a software, ensure they offer the proper dialing types needed to run both cold and warm up calls as well as sales calls. By keeping all of your agents on a single platform, you can unify their efforts into one and receive the best return possible on your investment.

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