September 18, 2019

Using a Predictive Dialer to Scale Your Call Center Capacity

Increase Agent Productivity

Your company needs a way to reach more people with your telemarketing campaigns. You can only add so many calling agents before you run into logistical difficulties. It’s impossible to cost-effectively scale if you have to keep throwing people at the problem, especially with high call volumes.

On top of that, you’re also paying for agent downtime. Sure, it doesn’t take long to dial out numbers and wait for someone to pick up. However, when you’re dealing with hundreds or thousands of calls per day, it adds up quickly.

7 Ways to Scale with Predictive Dialing

Predictive dialing technology addresses these two areas by leveraging an algorithm that improves agent productivity. It has several features that will enhance call volume scaling and reduce the need to hire more employees.

1) Automate Multiple Number Dialing

The first thing to do is to eliminate manual dialing and increase the total amount of simultaneous calls. A predictive dialer speeds up the process by dialing multiple numbers at a time. The system then waits through the rings and voicemails, rather than agents.

You already know that there’s going to be wasted time in between active calls. After all, many people avoid phone calls from numbers they don’t recognize. The predictive dialer eliminates this time sink from your call center workflow entirely.

2) Send Answered Calls to Agents

The only time that a predictive dialer sends calls to your staff is when there’s an answer on the other end of the line. That way, agents are not sitting there waiting to talk. Lastly, they have the best chance of meeting their productivity goals when the system removes most of the inefficiency.

3) Initiate Dialing Based on Past Call Times

Another powerful benefit of a predictive dialer is that it determines when it should start calling more numbers. The system bases the dialing schedule on the average handling time of calls. It pulls info from your company’s data and is continually optimizing. The goal is that agents are spending most of their time talking rather than waiting.

As the length of calls ebbs and flows, the predictive dialer is there to decrease the chances that anyone is sitting there and waiting for their next opportunity.

4) Automatically Skip Bad Numbers

Wouldn’t it be nice to skip over numbers that are invalid or known to be not working? You can scrub a significant amount of phone numbers from your list. The aim is to get to the productive leads that much faster. The system handles this, so agents don’t have to mark down the numbers that are no longer in service.

5) Eliminate Expensive Hardware

You don’t have to use purpose-built call center hardware with the predictive dialer. When it’s time to expand your business, you can avoid expensive upfront investments. Due in part to the broad compatibility that this type of solution offers.

6) Scale Easily with a Cloud-Based System

A cloud-based predictive dialer provides the best type of infrastructure for scaling your call center operations up. When you need added capacity, you can go through the cloud service provider and make that request. For some solutions, it’s a one-click process to get more predictive dialer capacity. You can quickly react to sudden changes in demand, or accommodate large-scale projects that exceed your standard size.

The vendor is the one that handles all the hardware and software necessary to support this expansion. It’s a seamless process that doesn’t require downtime. You can continue using the predictive dialer as usual while you’re making these requests.

7) Integrate With Your CRM Solution

Your customer relationship management (CRM) acts as the essential foundation of all customer interactions. Your agents depend on this platform to learn more about the people that they’re calling. If they have to switch back and forth between dialing software and their primary work application, they lower their productivity and become frustrated.

By integrating with third-party CRM software, a predictive dialer brings all of the necessary functionality into one place. You can enjoy a consolidated call center agent experience. One that streamlines the workflow and gives the agents one less thing to worry about in their job.

This configuration also means that you don’t have to import your phone lists manually. Instead, it works with your existing infrastructure to make it a user-friendly and straightforward tool.

Software for Call Center Scalability

Predictive dialers offer a range of benefits that boost agent productivity and your call center’s scalability. Start with predictive dialing to eliminate standard inefficiencies in your telemarketing campaigns. Finally, you can allocate your agents’ time and resources better and scale the number of people you reach without hiring exponentially more people.

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