June 22, 2016

Yield Growth Quickly by Improving Customer Service on Inbound Calls

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Standing out from the competition is part of any businesses growth plan. You need to be better than the next company and you need to provide service in a way that makes your customers happy rather than simply satisfied. For this reason, many businesses are moving their inbound call centers in-house. Doing so allows you to have greater control over the customer experience and thanks to cloud-based calling solutions, you can still have your agents working remotely.

Make Your Customers Happy, Not Satisfied

One of the ways that you can do so is by improving the overall experience your customers have when calling in. Inbound call centers can either create frustrating experiences for customers or make their day better. If you can elevate your in-house call center standards to the level of improving your customer’s lives, you will have achieved great success and your customers are going to be far more loyal to your brand.

6 Tips to Improving Customer Service on Inbound Calls

  • Make sure each call gets distributed to the right department.
  • Provide your staff with easy access to customer information.
  • Use call center software to track calls and manage call data.
  • Increase employee training with recordings and call metrics.
  • Send calls to a live agent before sending them to a voicemail.
  • Be alerted of short or missed calls using telephony solutions.

Know Why Your Customers Are Calling

When looking to improve customer service, it is important to consider why customers are calling in to begin with. Management should be reviewing call recordings. Also, be sure to direct callers to the right agent based on their specific needs. This way, your customers are not being transferred from one agent to the next.

Give Your Agents the Data They Need

Use call center software with screen pops to provide your agents with information about the call prior to them answering it. The more information they have, the better equipped they will be to answer questions and to provide an amazing customer experience. Sometimes, this is as simple as making sure that they have a customer’s name so that they can provide them with a personal greeting. A more advanced application could include providing information about previous calls from the customer to increase efficiency when troubleshooting.

Statistically, using a CRM solution to provide employees with customer data will increase productivity by 15%.

Empower Your Team to Answer Complex Questions

You need to be sure that your team is properly trained so they can answer complex questions. This can be difficult to do when it comes to all of your call agents, especially if you have a wide variety of products or services. Instead of providing all of your team members with a little bit of information about everything, consider making your team members product knowledge expert. By assigning each team member to an aspect of your business, you can provide them with specific training so that they are more likely to be able to address complex situations. Then use call distribution software to easily manage knowledge expert departments and transfers. This will prevent your customers from feeling like you cannot help them.

Cloud-Based Solutions for Your Call Center Needs

Technology is changing how business is done and it can enhance your current capabilities. With cloud-based call center tracking software from CallTools.com, you can improve your customer experience by directing them to the right agents, training your agents to be experts, and ensure that your employees have the data and tracking tools they need to be successful on every call.

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