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Growing expectations from customers and an increased need to stand out from the competition makes customer service a necessary department. Take tips from call centers that pioneered the way to exceed your customers expectations.

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Yield Growth Quickly by Improving Customer Service on Inbound Calls

June 22, 2016

Exceeding expectations of your customers will yield rapid growth. If you even made one customer extremely happy, you would reap benefits over time. Imagine making almost every caller feel that way, you would reap the benefits rapidly. Bringing your customer service in-house, using call center software to direct calls, manage calls and train employees while holding everyone accountable, you can.

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How to Improve Customer Service Skills using Simple Call Center Software

June 8, 2016

Your team’s customer service skills can improve dramatically with the proper training, however, every business operates differently. Find out how you can use call recordings and metrics from both your positive and negative interactions to see what works for your business specifically.

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How Call Centers Benefit From CRM Software

June 30, 2015

Running a call center requires the right tools in order to guarantee a high level of satisfaction for your customers. Here are some ways in which call centers can benefit from the use of CRM software. 1.Tracking Customer History With CRM software, call center agents have all of the call history about every caller available […]

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