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Powerful Predictive Dialing

Powerful Predictive Dialing

When operating an enterprise contact center, your agents process thousands of entries per day. Speed through large lists with our Predictive Dialer to weed out unqualified prospects in no time. Our dialer is capable of dialing up to 30 channels per agent. Get greater returns. Equip your team with the most powerful dialer on the market and keep them on the phone throughout their shift.

Increase Agent Productivity By 500%

The speed and efficiency of a predictive dialer increases the productivity of your agents exponentially. No more sitting through dial tones or wasting time with disconnected numbers. The dialer handles missed connections while your agents speak only to live prospects. With the amount of dialing done at an enterprise center, this equates to thousands of hours saved per month.

Skip Out on Wasted Time

Skip Out on Wasted Time

Project Sunroof from Google is a useful tool to determine the savings a solar powered roof could bring to any property. Similar to our Maps integrations, with just a click inside of the contact box, open Project Sunroof’s site in a separate tab and see the savings solar can bring without having to enter any information yourself.

Team Progression

Track Your Team’s Progression

You have too many agents to wait until the end of the week to worry about tracking agent performance. Instead, track your progress on KPIs in real time. Find out which lists are hitting and which need adjustments right away, before real, large-scale problems arise. Real-time reporting compiles all the data to keep your enterprise center running efficiently at every point during the week.

Track Your Team

Supervise Your Team From Anywhere

Track your team’s productivity without stepping onto the floor, or even into the building. When you have hundreds of agents, it’s easier to keep track of them as they’re working, instead of waiting for call recordings. Live Agent Monitoring lets you listen in on live calls, whisper to agents, or barge in on the call. Train new agents and coach your existing team from your desk or cell phone.

Get a Price Quote

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Consolidate Your Teams Onto One Platform

Leave behind the days of juggling multiple programs to accomplish the dozens of tasks you handle throughout the week. Consolidate your team onto one single piece of easy-to-use software, from your sales team to your customer support, and everything in between. Streamline performance with a wide range of features and you’ll never worry that you picked the wrong software again.

Inbound and Outbound Capabilities

Enterprise contact centers usually handle both inbound and outbound calling, and your software should, too.’s software manages inbound and outbound calling with ease, allowing you to make use of the many features available. Keep your teams organized and aligned on one platform and monitor their performance from the same place. No more switching between windows.