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Integrate With Over 20+ Systems

Outbound Dialer Integrations

  • Active Prospect
    REI Automation Squad
  • SalesForce
  • DebtPayPro
    Microsoft Dynamics
Retrieve Data


Retrieve data from your CRM.

Sync Data


Update your data in real time.

Interact with Data


Call or email prospects with a click of a button.

Integrations to Fit Every Industry

  • Sales – Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho, Sugar CRM
  • Marketing – Hubspot, Infusionsoft, Vtiger, Oracle RightNow
  • Real Estate – Zillow, Eppraisal, Podio, InvestorFuse, InvestorPO
  • Insurance – Google Maps, Bing
  • Finance – Netsuite, DebtPayPro
  • Solar – Project Sunroof
  • Auto – Forte’ Data Systems,
  • Email – Sendlane, LeadMailBox
Don’t see your CRM? Ask us about our other Integrations

Streamline and Simplify Your Tasks

The longer agents fumble between programs and browser tabs, the less time is spent dialing. Instead of manually importing leads from your call logs, transfer them over quickly with the click of the mouse. Transferring leads or dispositions into your main CRM is simple with integrations from Streamlined and simplified, just the way your call center should be.

Keep Your Existing CRM

Why would you waste time transferring your lead data over onto a new CRM? Instead, push the information from your calls directly into your existing CRM on demand, all with a simple click. Rather than transferring every single call and paying for space occupied by unqualified leads, push forward only those with whom you are interested in keeping contact.

Integrate With Over 750+ Apps Using Zapier

Zapier Apps

Improve Agent Performance with Helpful Integrations

Solar Industry Integrations


Project Sunroof from Google is a useful tool to determine the savings a solar powered roof could bring to any property. Similar to our Maps integrations, with just a click inside of the contact box, open Project Sunroof’s site in a separate tab and see the savings solar can bring without having to enter any information yourself.

Google Maps Integrations


In real estate or insurance, you’ll often need to check out the location of a property. We integrate with Google Maps and Bing Maps to simplify looking up a property down to a single click. No more opening a new window and typing in the information; click a button to open a new tab and enter the necessary information automatically.

Google Maps Integrations
CRM Integrations


Once a call is finished, you’ll see information regarding the call within your call logs. Simply open up the “Contact” tab and you’ll have the option to import the data into your CRM, anything from Salesforce to Netsuite, Zoho to Microsoft Dynamics. With the click of a button the contact information and disposition will transfer directly.

Don’t See Your CRM or Application?

We Offer Custom Built Integrations!

If the software you use most isn’t already on our list, give our team a call to find out whether you fit our requirements for a cutting-edge Custom Integration. Our in-house engineers can build out from almost any API to maximize efficiency at your company. When you get in touch we can find out more about your team, what you’re looking for, and how we can help solve your problem. Please keep in mind this option is only for qualified candidates that meet our requirements.