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Why You Need Cloud Call Center Software

September 6th, 2017

Over the past 20 years, cloud computing has exploded in popularity. The convenience of remotely-hosted software for consumers has led to the popularity of platforms like Dropbox, Google Apps, and DocuSign.

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Call center software, once run off of large, on-premise systems, now runs in the cloud as well. Whether you own a small business with one person on the phone or your employ a massive sales force, cloud based dialers simplify the process of running a call center.

How can you benefit from running a cloud based contact center solution?

Minimal Resources Required for Startup

Since the software is hosted remotely by the provider, cloud based contact center software requires very few resources for start-up. Usually, the only pieces of hardware you need are a desktop computer with Internet access and a USB headset.

This makes cloud based call center solutions an affordable option for start-up companies or small businesses who need to keep their initial costs low. Oftentimes businesses already have access to the hardware they need; the only cost is the monthly subscription cost for the software.

Cloud Based Software is Managed and Handled By the Provider

The responsibility for maintenance of cloud based solutions lies with the software provider. This often limits the need for a dedicated IT department; when the provider handles the technical aspects of the software, IT isn’t necessarily required.

Usually, the software provider offers customer support to help walk you through at least your initial use of the software. Many times they help troubleshoot and provide guidance when you have difficulties. Since everything is handled remotely, you can minimize costs on the need for a constantly on-site IT department.

Real-Time Cloud Call Center Software Upgrades

If there are bugs or other ripples in the hard copy of a software, you often have to wait for a new version of the software to be released. With cloud based solutions, software developers can push out updates immediately.

Since you and your agents log in remotely to an often web-based platform, the changes go live immediately. Almost as soon as developers discover a bug can they fix it. No more waiting around for hours, days, or weeks for a software upgrade.

Access the System From Any Internet-Enabled Device

While dialing out of the office isn’t usually an option, using cloud based software allows you to access call logs, recordings, and reports remotely. Regardless of whether it’s a laptop, tablet, or even a cell phone, those with manager privileges can access call data from any device with an Internet connection.

This is particularly useful for supervisors who need to keep an eye on agents while outside of the office. Whether you’re out for lunch or on a business trip, the productivity of your cloud based call center is always within an arm’s reach.

Making the Switch to a Call Center Cloud Solution

If you’re still running an on-premise system, transferring your contact center to the cloud will revolutionize the way you handle your dialing and management. Switching to a cloud dialer is simple to implement once you’ve removed the bulky on-premise system of the past.

With third-party integrations offered by cloud based dialers like that at, your current CRM transfers with you. Push new information directly into your existing CRM and don’t skip out on anything you built up previously.

Telephony continues to head in the direction of cloud call center software. Whether you make the adjustment now or begin the initial stages of looking into switching, using a cloud dialer will make all the difference in your call center.