Preview Dialer Simplified.

Simplify and organize the way you contact your customers.

Preview Dialer Hero

Power Your Outbound Campaigns

No Learning Curve

User Friendly

Customizing your campaigns is a breeze. No engineer required.

Live Monitoring

Live Monitoring

Oversee your agents performance in real-time, allowing you to barge, whisper, or monitor any activities.

Sales with 1-Click

Sales with 1-Click

Leverage our flexible API to integrate with your existing or future organization tech-stack.

In-Depth Reports

In-Depth Reports

Robust reporting to track your team performance and KPIs.

Track Performance

Track Performance

Measure your campaigns and agent performance, so you can optimize on the fly.

CRM Included

CRM Included

This All-in-one platform allows you to manage your clientele all in one location.

List Management

List Management

Segment and target your lists so you can personalize the experience— at scale.

Target Dialing

Target Dialing

Our Live Filters target subsets of data without the need to import and exporting lists.

The Dialing Solution for Every Industry

Dialing software isn’t just for call centers anymore.’s Preview Dialer solution combines your office phone with your Customer Relationship Manager. Whether you’re scheduling appointments, sending client reminders, or calling prospective customers, the Preview Dialer simplifies the process.

Organizing information from your office calls has never been easier. Call your customers from the easy-to-navigate dialing interface. Automatically export customer and call data to your third-party CRM with the click of a button, saving only the information you need.

  • Dental Offices
    Dental Offices
  • Call Centers
    Call Centers
  • Accounting Firms
    Accounting Firms
  • Individual Operations
    Individual Operations
  • Political Campaigns
    Political Campaigns
  • Law Offices
    Law Offices
  • Small Businesses
    Small Businesses
  • Real Estate Agents
    Real Estate Agents
Preview Dialer Solution

What is a Preview Dialer?

A preview dialer is as easy as dialing gets.

A preview dialer is as easy as dialing gets. Using a preview dialer eliminates the need to dial numbers by hand. Instead, upload your list of customers or clients into the system. Search for a specific contact, or scroll through each one, then click to call them one-by-one.

With a cloud-based preview dialer, there is no need for intensive hardware setup; all you need is a headset and a computer. We’ll handle the software updates, you handle your calls.

What is a preview dialer

Start dailing in 3 easy steps


Upload Your Contacts

Upload Your Contacts

Login to Your Agent Dashboard

Customize Your Settings

Start Dialing

Start Dialing

Smart Contact View

One-Click Dialing

See only the information necessary for making successful calls. Cycle through each contact or search for a specific name. Access notes for each contact and edit or update any contact details. View appointments and receive reminders in real-time. All accessible directly from the dashboard.

Preview Dialer View
  • Target Dialing – The Latest in Preview Dialing
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  • Preview Dialing for Call Centers
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Target Dialing – The Latest in Preview Dialing

Take control of your communication by combining your dialing and CRM into one. Leave traditional phone calls behind in favor of a solution that meets your needs. You can simplify your dialing while maximizing your productivity. Stay on top of customer relationships with accessible data every time you call.

With the newly-improved preview dialer, you can create lists as specific as your needs.

Limit dialing to those you need to call, based on:

  • Business Hours
  • Time Zones
  • State
  • Area Code
  • And More!

Preview Dialing for Call Centers

If you run a smaller call center,’s preview dialer may be enough to meet your needs. If the fully-equipped predictive dialer is too powerful for your center, the preview dialer can supplement. Remain active and engaged with your customers while you dial, with their information available at your fingertips.

You can use the preview dialer to qualify leads in an effective manner. Though using a preview dialer takes more time than a predictive dialer, an agent can navigate IVRs and correctly identify voicemail boxes every time. Predictive dialers handle large lists faster but eliminate your control. Preview dialers bring precision and control back into your hands.