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Sales & Telemarketing Software

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Reduce Agent DowntimeReduce Agent Downtime
Increase Answer RatesIncrease Answer Rates
3 Dialing Modes3 Dialing Modes

Amplify your sales team’s success with sales software from If you’re running through large lists of leads to make quick sales, telemarketing software like the predictive dialer will be useful. If your business works with multi-touch deals, using a sales dialer like power or preview yields the best results.

Reduce Agent Downtime

Quit wasting time dialing by hand and waiting through voicemails, no answers, and disconnected numbers. The dialer connects agents with only live calls. The predictive dialer telemarketing software solution from keeps agents active during each minute of the workday.

Local, States, Group DID Matching

Local, States, Group DID Matching

Keep clients answering your calls with Local, State, and Group DID matching. Mask your calls so they appear to come from nearby the location you’re dialing. If you use our auto dialer for telemarketing, Caller ID Matching increases calling ratios and connection rates.

Clear KPI and Metric Monitoring

Sales tracking is easy with our software. Quickly locate your reports, call data, and agent information from each campaign. All the information is compiled on your manager dashboard or broken down in-depth in the reporting section of the platform.

Monitor Sales Floor All-in-One Place

Monitor Your Sales Floor From A Single Location

Take control of your team with Live Agent Monitoring and Real Time Reporting. Listen in on live calls, whisper to agents, barge in if necessary. Get quick insights on any device with agents’ calling statistics displayed visually on the manager dashboard.

Establish a Trustworthy Reputation at the Start

Eliminate the delay between the prospect saying “Hello?” and your agent’s greeting. Prospects will be more receptive when they don’t realize they’re being called by a dialer. Say goodbye to hangups and angry clients; build trust from the beginning.

Ensure Your Team Has All the Right Tools

  • Triangle3 Dialing Modes
    Focus on the client, not on the dialer. Use the dialing mode that fits you best.
  • TriangleScreen Pops
    Stay informed. Preview client information in a screen pop before making your call.
  • TriangleWeb Phone
    Stop switching between programs. Dial from the dashboard with the web phone.
  • TriangleBuilt-In CRM
    Efficient data management. Organize and find client information in the built-in CRM.
  • TriangleIntegrations
    Simplify your job. Push information to your CRM, pull up a map, follow up with a text.
  • TriangleLive Agent Monitoring
    Supervise agents’ live calls. Listen in, whisper in, or barge in to maintain quality calls.
  • TriangleReal Time Reporting
    Stay informed. Monitor call data in real time, including connections, abandonment, and talk time.