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Getting the most out of your calling agents starts with training. If you are not utilizing software to improve your agent calls through call recordings and reporting, your competition is getting ahead.

Top Calling Agents Articles this Month

  • 5 Outbound Call Center Metrics You Should Be Tracking

    5 Outbound Call Center Metrics You Should Be Tracking

    Part of managing a successful outbound call center means knowing which metrics you should be trackin...

  • Improving Profitable Call Center Metrics By Using Predictive Analytics

    Improving Profitable Call Center Metrics By Using Predictive Analytics

    Traditional call metrics can lack an instant impact on how you handle your inbound calls. Predictive...

When To SMS Prospects

When Is the Right Time to SMS Message Your Prospects?

April 17th, 2019

The urge to reach out to prospects any way possible is always felt, however knowing when the right time to use the right forms of communication is important. Building rapport does not happen overnight, but it can be lost instantly.

top headset 2019

6 Telemarketing Headsets to Consider for 2019

April 3rd, 2019

Equip your employees with the best you possibly can. There are some great headset options at both ends of the pricing spectrum; you don’t have to break the bank to get a high-quality headset. Take a look at these top 6 telemarketing headsets to consider.

Does Your Call Center Have The Right Tools For The Job?

March 6th, 2019

You need to provide your employees with the right tools in order for them to succeed. This means equipping your office with quality desk furniture and more. What are the most important things to offer your employees?

Is Your Marketing Performing As Good As Your Sales Team And Vice Versa?

February 6th, 2019

Without the correct key performance indicators you could be missing out on a large portion of optimization for your business. Knowing these call metrics can give you the knowledge necessary to train and grow your sales team into a machine.

How Does Calling, Texting and Emailing Prospects Build Rapport

January 23rd, 2019

Building rapport starts the first time you make contact with a lead but it does not have to end there. Continuing to reach prospects through different mediums will improve your opportunities to build rapport throughout the sales process.

How to Close a Sale: 5 Reasons Clients Don’t Buy

December 26th, 2018

Improving your closing rates starts at understanding your prospects. Customers don’t buy the company, they buy sales agents. See how you could be closing more deals and learn the 5 reasons prospects don’t convert to customers to avoid these pitfalls later.