5 Reasons You Should Use Cloud Calling in 2023

Cloud calling and cloud-based software can allow your contact center greater flexibility and efficiency. Cloud-based services can provide a variety of benefits for contact centers including reduced operating costs and greater scalability.

6 Tips to Managing Remote and Hybrid Agents

With many agents returning to work, and some still working at home, managing a hybrid work environment is essential. Providing your agents a flexible work environment can improve productivity and enhance your contact center’s success.

Top 5 Contact Center Trends for 2021

As technology and customer trends evolve, so must call centers in order to keep up. In 2021, some trends remain and new ones are emerging. With a focus on remote workers, here are the trends your call center should be looking at for the year to come.

Benefits of Migrating to a Cloud Contact Center

Call centers often struggle to keep up with the latest technology and regulations. If you are using legacy hardware and software, migrating to a cloud-based software can help your business manage scalability and remote employees.