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  • Campaigns Overview

    1. Overview of Campaigns
    You can track overviews of all active campaigns from the manager dashboard.
  • Campaign Setup

    2. Setting Up Campaigns
    As a manager, you have full control over setup and adjusting campaign settings.
  • Real-Time Agent Monitoring

    3. Monitor Agents in Real-Time
    Efficiently monitor your agents’ status, calls made, sales closed, and more.
  • Real-Time Reporting

    4. Real-Time Reporting
    Simple to understand, visual breakdowns of calling and campaign statistics.
  • Recycling Lists

    5. Recycling Lists
    Set limits and rules for redialing your lists based on disposition or time since last call.
  • Contact Window Pop Up

    6. Our Contact View Window Makes it Easy to View Contact Information.
    Easily look at contact information including, past call history, notes, call dispositions. Create new appointments directly from the contact window.
  • Web Phone

    7. Maximize Productivity with Our Built-In Web Phone.
    Say goodbye to 3rd party dialing applications, simply log in and start dialing. Our Web Phone includes everything your agents will need to run a successful call center.
  • Simple Campaigns

    8. Simple Campaigns
    Agents can quickly join and exit campaigns with a click of a button. Our campaign table also displays remaining leads, start and end times.
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  • Full Transparency

    1. Full Transparency
    View what agents are more active and who is closing the most deals, live monitoring allows managers to listen in on live calls the agents are on without distracting them.
  • Customize Your Preferences

    2. Customize Your Preferences
    CallTools Preview was built from the ground up to be exceptionally easy to adjust and adapt to the users preference all from one page. Update your scripts, caller id’s, targeting preferences, DNC settings and more.
  • Real-Time Agent Monitoring

    3. Set Actions for Every Call Outcome
    Based on how a call goes, you can create automatic callbacks that trigger after your set time, you can also add the contact to the CDNC.
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