March 6, 2024

7 Ways Preview Dialers Can Enhance Customer Experience

7 Ways Preview Dialers Can Enhance Customer Experience

Establishing trust is essential to conversions for contact center agents. Whether calling new leads or existing customers, preview dialers can improve the customer experience and set your business apart from the competition.

While there are many ways to enhance the customer experience (CX), a preview dialer is one of the simplest yet most effective tools a contact center agent can use. Below, we’ll delve into seven ways a preview dialer can enhance the customer experience and why it matters.

Importance of Customer Experience

Customer experience refers to a customer or lead’s overall perception of your brand. Dozens of factors make up the total customer experience, from the ease of use of your company’s website to callers’ interactions with contact agents. As a business, finding ways to enhance CX can help differentiate yourself from competitors, enhance conversions, and improve customer retention rates.

How Preview Dialer Enhances the Customer Experience

Preview dialers give call center agents the necessary information to take a personalized approach to calls. With information available before placing a call, agents can use data to build trust and enhance CX throughout the phone call.

1. Agents Preview Customer Information

Instead of entering a call without preparation, preview dialers allow agents to review information about a customer before placing a call. With access to personalized information, agents are up-to-date on a customer’s company history and can jump in with the knowledge necessary to provide exceptional customer service. This helps avoid customers needing to relay the same information to multiple agents.

2. Builds Meaningful Connections

With more information available, contact agents can build meaningful connections with leads. Customers are more likely to have a better customer experience by speaking to an agent who is both knowledgeable and attentive, which helps build connections for future interactions.

3. Adheres to Compliance

Contact centers must comply with important regulations, including the Do Not Call Registry rules. Using a preview dialer, agents can better adhere to these regulations by ensuring that numbers called are not listed on the Do Not Call list.

4. Lowers Call Abandonment Rate

Using a preview dialer can also help your contact agents reach more customers. Customers often end the call when there is too much delay before speaking to a person. By using preview dialers, calls aren’t placed before agents are available. Instead, an agent is immediately connected when the contact answers the call.

5. Reduces Average Handle Time

The average handle time (AHT) refers to how long it takes to resolve customer requests. With a preview dialer, information is already available for your agents. The result is less time asking for information, which enhances agent efficiency. In turn, this means reduced average handle time for all calls.

6. Personalizes Sales Pitch

Personalized sales pitches can make a huge difference when placing outbound sales calls. A preview dialer offers your agents lots of information about a contact, such as past calls, interactions, relevant notes, and more. Agents who familiarize themselves with this info before a call can take a personalized approach, giving customers a better feeling (as opposed to speaking to an agent unfamiliar with their situation).

7. Increases Conversion Rates

At the end of the day, every business wants to increase conversion rates. Preview dialers can help agents meet customer needs and convert leads into paying customers. Centers that cannot provide personalized customer service won’t be able to keep up with businesses that do.

Industries That Benefit from Preview Dialers

A preview dialer lets your contact center agents make meaningful connections early in their conversations with customers or leads. In turn, this builds trust and rapport, which makes conversation easier for customers. Below are a few of the many industries that can benefit from preview dialers.

B2B Sales

B2B business sales are all about building relationships through exceptional customer service. With the data available to agents via a preview dialer, agents can ensure accuracy when speaking with leads. Accurate data is essential to make a lasting first impression. Using a preview dialer helps businesses avoid mistakes that could send the wrong message to leads.

Luxury Sales

Businesses selling high-end luxury items require a specific level of customer service to sell products. Using a preview dialer for these types of businesses allows agents to personalize calls to boost sales success.

Healthcare Contact Centers

Healthcare contact centers work with highly sensitive personal information and have specific federal regulations they comply with. As such, agents placing outbound calls can benefit from preview dialers by having access to necessary health records and information needed to provide exceptional CX.

Education Contact Centers

Agents at university or private school contact centers, such as those in admissions or financial aid, require access to student info that needs to be available at the agent’s fingertips. Using preview dialers in education contact centers helps eliminate potential errors and ensures private information is shared only with the correct parties.

Travel Agencies

The hospitality industry can benefit from using outbound call dialers for routine tasks, such as reserving hotel rooms and addressing customer inquiries. Many travel agencies and hospitality businesses already use preview dialers for customer satisfaction surveys, which help collect data to improve business operations.

See What a Preview Dialer Can Do for Your Business

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